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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews for 6/23/04 Comics

Kinetic #4
DC Focus line $2.50
Writer: Kelley Puckett; Artist: Warren Pleece; Colors: Brian Haberlin & Avalon Studios
What I like about Kinetic is that its minimalist action and dialogue, subtle art, and slow pace accomplishes and reveals so much emotion. So far in the series, Tom, a teenager with a multitude of physical ailments, suddenly finds he has incredible strength and is seemingly invincible. This issue takes a look at what his mother goes through as his caregiver and shows the first glimpses of Tom and his mother grasping this notion. This is the strongest issue so far. There is so much going on below the surface of this comic, and that’s very refreshing. Thank you to Puckett and Pleece for your confidence in the reader. We don’t need every little thing spelled out, and in fact, when it’s not, the work is that much more powerful.
Bottom line: A

Wonder Woman #205
DC $2.25
Writer: Greg Rucka; Pencils: Drew Johnson; Inks: Ray Snyder; Colors: Richard and Tanya Horie
While I think this issue is the weakest of Rucka’s current run, I have to say that in general the Wonder Woman Rucka writes is the Wonder Woman I’ve always wanted to read. His take on Wonder Woman centers on Diana the Themiscyran ambassador and political figure more than Wonder Woman the crimefighter or warrior princess, although he certainly weaves in those elements. The depth that this adds is nice for a change. This issue is part three of three that continues Wonder Woman’s search for answers to the murder in front of the embassy and the attempted capture of Dr. Psycho. The issue is also setting the stage for Medusa’s return. Not much really happens in this issue and although it’s the conclusion of a storyline, nothing is really wrapped up. Let’s hope the next storyline is better than this three parter, because I know Rucka can do much better with Wonder Woman. Bottom line: B-

The Goon #7
Dark Horse $2.99
Writer & Artist: Eric Powell; Framing Sequence & Cover: Mike Mignola; Colors: Dave Stewart
This is the first issue of The Goon that I’ve picked up. I found it’s a fun comic with nice art, and you can’t go wrong with Dave Stewart colors, but I kind of felt like I was missing something. I have a feeling it would have helped to have read more of the series before jumping on with this issue. But that just makes it more likely that I’ll pick up the next issue and not less likely. This issue of The Goon featured Hellboy, the Goon, and his “side kick” of sorts, Franky, as they team up to fight monsters and zombies. The funniest moments are when Franky and Hellboy interact. I’m looking forward to reading more of this series.
Bottom line: B

The Losers #13
Vertigo $2.95
Writer: Andy Diggle; Layouts & Cover: Jock; Pencils & Inks: Nick Dragotta; Colors: Lee Loughridge
I have loved The Losers up until the last couple issues. The series contains lots of action and intrigue following a group of ex-CIA operatives as they try to solve the mystery behind the assassination attempt of their unit (by the CIA, who thinks they are dead). While Jock’s covers are phenomenal, his inside art became increasingly uneven and unstable the last few issues. I thought issue #12 was some of his worst work of the series –- actually both the writing and the art in #12 left me wondering what had happened to the series. Now with #13, we have a new artist –- Dragotta’s style is quite different than Jock’s, so it is an adjustment. The art is similar to that in Vertigo’s Human Target, but it doesn’t seem to work as well here. While I’m not wild about the new art, it is nice to see more consistency. Every series has its ups and downs, and knowing Diggle has it in him, I’m sure The Losers will back in full force soon.
Bottom line: B-


  • At 8:28 AM, June 29, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I like Kinetic the best of the entire Focus line. For once, the muted color scheme works. I like the character of Tom, and I find his relationship with his mother intriguing (like an auto accident: can't-look-away-though-you-know-you-should). You've got me looking forward to the next issue now (but I have to wait for my monthly shipment, sigh...)



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