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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

September Previews Highlights

Woohoo! I love getting the newest Previews catalog. I believe it was Garth of Wayne’s World who said “Live in the now!!” but I have the hardest time with that. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

This month the best picks all seemed to be in the “back of the book” or the smaller publishers section. I’ll highlight some of the comics that stood out for me – feel free to add your own picks to the comments section.

Pick of the Month:
Or Else #1
Drawn & Quarterly – page 286; $3.50; 32 pgs.
Kevin Huizenga
This issue kicks off a quarterly showcase of Huizenga’s amazing talent. I’m very stoked for this comic. The first I heard of Huizenga was an interview with him in The Comics Journal (#259, April 2004). The only real work I’ve read of his was in Fantagraphics’ Blood Orange, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing more from him since. Looks like my wait is over!

Here’s a list of offerings of note from the smaller publishers and excerpts from their descriptions as seen in Previews:

Bluesman #1 (of 3)
Absence of Ink Comic Press – page 198; $6.95; 72 pgs.
Rob Vollmar and Pablo G. Callejo
“… In Book One, Lem Taylor and ‘Ironwood’ Malcott – two blues musicians wandering the back roads of Arkansas in the early 1930s – find an unexpected opportunity in a little juke on the outskirts of Hope. But can they stay alive long enough to claim it?”

One Step After Another One Shot
Adhouse Books – page 203; $5.00; 40 pgs.
Fermin Solis
“One Step After Another follows the life of a young woman who is just trying to make it in this crazy world. … Imported from Spain, find out why Fermin Solis just won the 22nd Comic of Barcelona prize.”

Demo #12
AiT/PlanetLar – page 218; $2.95; 32 pgs.
Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan
This issue wraps up the 12-issue series that has created quite the buzz in the ol’ blogsphere. I’ve read a couple and am waiting for the rest on back order. A little sad to see this project end, but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next from this very reliable publisher.

Bipolar #5
Alternative Comics – page 220; $2.95; 24 pgs.
Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka, and Etgar Keret
This comic contains two separate stories. The first is the last installment following a guy who killed himself and his subsequently stuck in the afterlife working at Pizzeria Kamikaze. The second story is about “washed up Aquaflesh – who’s been drowning in alcohol and self-pity – gets his last chance to confront the moment that changed it all.”

Freakshow #1
Atomic Diner – page 236; $2.99; 24 pgs.
Robert Curley, Stephen Mooney, and Stephen Thompson
“When detective Jack Dixon is called in to solve a spate of gruesome murders plaguing Hollywood’s elite, the outcome reveals more than he had planned. Hard-boiled fiction served up with a side order of B-Movie cool.”

Quit City #1
Avatar Press – page 241; $3.50; 32 pgs.
Warren Ellis and Laurenn McCubbin
This is just one of the four Warren Ellis projects on this page alone! Now, let’s see if they all come out on time … hmm. Quit City focuses on Emma Pierson, a “technological explorer.” “She’s the aviator heroine who’s turned her back on it all. … She actually thinks she can go back to her old life, and that nothing’s going to follow her. And she’s almost right.”

Simpsons Comics #100
Bongo Comics – page 248; $6.99; 100-whoppin’ pgs.
Boothby, Ortz, Delaney, and Shum
This is billed basically as a huge, no-holds-barred, no advertisement, giant-sized epic of a story … with special guest Sergio Aragones to boot!

Shaolin Cowboy #1
Burlyman Entertainment – page 252; $3.50; 32 pgs.
Geof Darrow with assistance by the Wachowski Brothers
I have no idea what this is about (even from the description), but it looks intriguing. And if the cover is any indication, it will be visually intriguing as well. I hope to hear more about it and what others have to say about it soon!

Lackluster World #1
Gen: Eric Publishing – page 309; $3.95; 28 pgs.
Eric Adams
I guess I’m just a total nerd at heart – I’ve just got to pick up a book where the three siblings are named Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Celsius. Heehee. The main character, Fahrenheit, “no longer has patience for the lackluster world he lives in and devises a plan to change it … before it changes him.”

Imperial #1
Highwater Books – page 310; $3.50
Jordon Crane
This is Crane’s first solo comic book series. “A quarterly collection of short stories that will be self-contained with no cliffhangers and no abandoned experiments. Expect more of Jordan’s hauntingly poetic drawing, heart-wrenching humor and impeccable design.”

Featured items from “the big guys”:
Superman: Secret Identity TP
DC – page 63; $19.95; 208 pgs.
Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen
Alright, if you haven’t read this series yet, get off your duff and order the trade for crying out loud. Busiek and Immonen present the best non-Superman, Superman story I’ve read. If you enjoy Busiek’s Astro City work, then there is no excuse to for not reading this. Despite a wonderfully told and illustrated story, the 4-part series suffered from poor sales. I really hope this trade generates more interest.

Kinetic TP
DC (Focus line) – page 75; $9.95; 144 pgs.
Kelley Puckett and Warren Pleece
Here’s another comic I’ve really enjoyed that hasn’t had much commercial success. This trade collects issues 1–6 for a very nice price. In fact this series will probably read better in the trade format. I highly recommend giving the series a look-see.

The Question #1 (of 6)
DC – page 77; $2.95; 32 pgs.
Rick Veitch and Tommy Lee Edwards
Although I most likely won’t be picking this title up myself, it does look interesting. And I just noticed that Comic Book Resources has an interview with Veitch on their site. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this series in the coming months.

Psst, hey you!, yeah you -- Human Target, The Losers, and Y: The Last Man all have trades coming out in November. If you haven’t given these titles a try, November’s the month to do it!

Ministry of Space TP and HC
Image – page 147; $12.95 and $24.95; 96 pgs.
Warren Ellis and Chris Weston & Laura Martin
The premise of this sci-fi tale is a view of a world where Britain became the supreme superpower after WWII instead of the U.S. … and how that came to be. This was originally a 3-issue series (that took forever to complete), and is very much eye candy. Another strong recommend.

Iron Man #1
Marvel – page 6 (in the Marvel supplement); $3.50; 48 pgs.
Warren Ellis and Adi Granov
I’ll probably wait for the trade for this one, since I’m not particularly a big Iron Man fan. What caught my eye were the very nice-looking preview pages … that and the name Ellis. And I thought I was busy.


  • At 9:00 AM, September 01, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the heads up on the Human Target trade. I came in late on that one so I need to catch up. Pretty soon, I'll be making regular weekly runs to a comic shop in person so I'm less likely to miss the train on stuff like this.


  • At 4:42 PM, September 01, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Queen of Comics,

    Hi. This is Rob Vollmar, writer of BLUESMAN, and I wanted to leave a note saying thank you for your recommendation of our book to your readers. There should be some fairly extensive preview materials coming online regarding the book at by the first of next week. Thanks, ROB VOLLMAR

  • At 9:11 AM, September 03, 2004, Blogger Erin M. Schadt said…

    Hey Rob,
    Thanks for stopping by -- I look forward to seeing the preview materials online and definitely reading the book. Everyone can check back for a review of the comic once it's on the stands.


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