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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Comics in the News – Week of September 5

Here are a handful of articles about comics featured in the mainstream news arena for the week of September 5.

Dandy Comic Sold for Record Price
September 8, 2004
A rare edition of The Dandy comic book sold for a British record £20,350 ($36,625 USD) according to the auctioneers who handled the sale. The Dandy was first published on December 4, 1937 and became a very popular comic in the UK.
Read the rest of the story from BBC News.

7-year-old Phenom Stirs Up Comic Biz
September 8, 2004
Layne Toth, a 7-year-old Lansing, Mich. girl, will be publishing two comic books with Chris Yambar, a lead Bart Simpson Comics writer. Toth is not only a soon-to-be comics creator but is also attending community college.
Read the rest of the story from the Lansing State Journal.

Comic Books Turn a New Page
September 7, 2004
The Korea Culture and Content Agency works to develop South Korea’s slumping comics industry by using comics in other popular media.
Read the rest of the story from The Korea Herald.

Feminism Kicks Booty in Pop Culture
September 7, 2004
Reporter Jenee Osterheldt gives a brief history and the evolution of women in comics and pop culture.
Read the rest of the story from The Indianapolis Star.


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    Hey, I also just read a comic-related article on that deals with the controversy surrounding DC's "Identity Crisis" series. Here's the address in case you want to take a look:



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