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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Comics Links Cop Out Post

Well, I was going to write a few reviews tonight but two of the comics didn’t make it from the distributor to my local comic shop this week. So, instead, I thought I’d put a few comics-related websites on your comic radar.

The Museum of Comic Book Advertising
This virtual museum showcases American comic-book ads since 1938. Many of the ads are from the golden-age of comics (1938-1955). Current featured exhibits are “Comic Book Ads At War,” showcasing World War II ads and “Novel Ideas” on 50 years of comic book novelties.

A great little site to purchase a variety of mini-comics/self-published comics. Go wild – you get free shipping on orders over $10. Nice!

highway 62
Another great comics blog. I “heart” the Internet.

Diesel Sweeties
This is a very funny online “digital” comic strip. Definitely one to check out daily.


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