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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Comics Links of Interest

Here is a look at some other comic book or graphic novel related webpages.

Powells interviews Marjane Satrapi
Being one of the largest book stores in America, Powells is a common stop for authors on booktours. Every so often, they post great interviews and offer autographed copies of books from authors who stop there. This week is the first time in memory that Powells has posted an interview with a graphic novelist. I don't think they could have picked a better interviewee either, as Marjane Satrapi, author/artist of Persepolis 1 and 2, offers a unique perspective on war and the Middle East. The interview is both poignant and funny. Check it out.

Jessica Abel gets DIY on Mini-Comics
Instead of “Mini-Comics for Dummies”, Artbabe and La Perdida creator Jessica Abel offers a do-it-yourself guide on making comics. There are entries on the drawing process, materials, and tracing, but I found the mini-comics section to be most interesting. The exhaustive guide includes chapters on everything from format to binding. This is an excellent resource for those getting started in mini-comics or those just interested in Abel’s process.

Lutefisk Sushi Mini-Comic Exhibition
File this under “events I’m sad to miss.” Creative Electric Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota hosts a month-long mini-comic exhibit highlighting books by Minnesotan creators. One product from the show is a sampler box collecting all the books exhibited at the show. It isn’t for sale on the site, but there is a picture of it if you would like sometime to make your mouth water.


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