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Monday, September 13, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 9/13/04

Here is some quick reviews for you. This week, I apparently chose to "make mine Marvel".

Ultimate Spiderman #65
Marvel $2.25
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Cover and pencils by Mark Bagley; Inks by Scott Hanna

This is a great little one shot where we find Peter in dentention with MJ, Flash, Liz, and Kong after a fight at Gwen's locker gets them all in trouble. Peter is grieving for Gwen and Flash is being his normal jerky self. The cover looks great, like most Ultimate Spiderman covers do, but I really enjoy it when Spiderman doesn't take center stage. He is on the cover sure, but isn't as prominent as Gwen Stacy. The story is also well written and the reader feels immersed in Peter's grief and also in MJ's concern for Peter. The feelings of these two characters really makes the book. Overall, everything about the book is beautiful.
Bottom line: A

She-Hulk #7
Marvel $2.99
Written by Dan Slott; Pencils by Juan Bobillo; Inks by Marcelo Sosa

I've really enjoyed this series up until this point, but this issue just fell flat for me. We find She-Hulk mentoring young mutant South Paw, a welcome addition, but then the story starts moving way too fast. She-Hulk gets tapped to be a judge in the Universal court and she is hearing cases from all over space. This would be a good move for down the line, maybe even after one more story arc, but it seems like the series just started. Slott hasn't explored She-Hulk as a lawyer on Earth enough and but now she is off in space. We are treated to cameos by Warlock and others, but it doesn't rationalize the huge change of pace. Also, does anyone else think She-Hulk looked like Felicity (of the WB series fame) on the cover? Um, ok, maybe it was just me, but the resemblance was uncanny. Overall the issue was a disappointment.
Bottome line: C

District X #5
Marvel $2.99
Written by David Hine; Cover by Steve McNiven; Pencils by David Yardin; Inks by Alejandra Sicat

This is a good part 5 of 6 issue. The story keeps moving and I'm looking forward to the wrap-up and finding out more about Mr. M. The biggest problem with six part stories is that issues four and five feel like filler, but this isn't the case here. There is enough story line to keep the reader interested and there aren't any dead spots. The art and style of the book continue to be good as well. It is gritty and fast-paced. The cover is dark, but has a lot of great details especially in Bishop's coat. The series is moving along rather nicely and this issue is no exception. Also in this issue, we see a little bit more of Ortega's wife and the Ortega family. I'm sure they will be the subject of future issues.
Bottom line: B

Jubilee #1
Marvel $2.99
Written by Robert Kirkman; Cover by Casey Jones; Pencil and Inks by Derec Aucoin

Here we are with another X title and another Marvel Age title. So far, I like the Marvel Age books and I'm always interested when the comic industry tries to get girls' attention. This first issue is a good way to do just that. Jubilee moves to California and in with a long last Aunt and starts up at a new school. While I don't think Jubilee is the best role-model for the tweens, as she shoplifted in this issue, she is still fun and brash. The cover and art really mirrors her attitude. It is bright and Aucoin uses colors not often seen in the regular Marvel books. I dare say, it is almost pastel. The story is decent and Kirkman sets up for future issues. There is Jubilee's Aunt Hope in some sort of special ops gear in two panels which is just begging to be explored. Also, we have the normal high school plots to look forward to, because it looks as if Jubilee might try to steal another girl's boyfriend. I wasn't expecting much from this comic, but it left me looking forward to the next one. I'm on board for at least a few more issues.
Bottom line: B


  • At 11:36 AM, September 14, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The biggest problem I had with the She-Hulk was the way Beta Ray Bill was drawn. Someone get that artist a reference picture. Although, I'm not too thrilled with that artist overall. You're right about the questionable timing involving this galactic upgrade. I did not see the Felicity similarity. Still, one of the most enjoyable Marvel books out there.

  • At 11:37 AM, September 14, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That was Woody bashing Bobillo and thrilled to see Gladiator in his mohawked glory.



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