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Monday, October 25, 2004

The Best Book Ever: The DC Comics Encyclopedia

DC Encyclopedia from

I celebrated my twenty-seventh birthday a few weeks ago and Erin gave me what might be the best book ever. DK’s DC Comic Encyclopedia covers everyone in the DC Universe. If it is missing someone, I haven’t noticed yet. The book includes all the big players like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and a ton of the lesser-known characters from Doll Man to Wildfire. It is a great resource if you need a reminder on who a character is and what they’ve done in the paste. Erin already called with a reference question.

Besides containing a wealth of information, the book also includes a wealth of pictures. Each entry includes at least one and some of the longer entries have multiple shots or even show the evolution of a character over time. There are pictures of vehicles, weapons, bases, and hideouts. Nothing is overlooked.

My new favorite time-passing mechanism is just to open the book to any page. Every time I do this, I’m shocked at how little I know about the DCU. There are so many people and so many grudges that I’m unaware of. The best discovery so fair is the Metal Men, a crime fighting team from the 1960s with members like Gold, Tin, and Lead. Now that I’ve found out more about this team, I’m interested in looking for some of their issues and reading their story. It could become very expensive, if I keep looking through and finding more cool characters.

This book is awesome. DK needs to convince Marvel to release a similar book. Every comic fan needs this invaluable reference book.


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