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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Comics in the News 10/24/04

Bill Liebowitz, Founder of LA Comic Book Store, Dead at 63
October 29, 2004
Los Angeles, California
Bill Liebowitz has died at age 63. Liebowitz founded the comics store Golden Apple Comics that became a Los Angeles institution.
Read the full story from the Monterey Herald.

Tough Times for Comic Book Plots
October 29, 2004
Boston, Massachusetts
A very incomplete article that states it is a difficult time to be a comic book reader and lists recent plots in comics that have resurrected characters or rewritten continuity. In fact the article is so incomplete, I wonder if the article didn’t get posted correctly on the website. In any case, I think the author needs to expand his comic-reading horizons and try something a little more small press. If he’s disenfranchised with the big two’s plots, he might want to try something else, and there’s a lot out there from which to choose.
Read the full story from The Boston Herald.

Auction Features Old Comic Books
October 28, 2004
West Salem, Wisconsin
An auction that just occurred on Friday had about 12,000 comics on the docket. The same auction company also recently auctioned off approximately 7,000 comics at one event.
Read the full story from the West Salem Coulee News.

Birth of the Comic Book
October 27, 2004
Talk of the Nation on NPR speaks with Gerard Jones about the birth of the comics industry.
Listen to the program on NPR.

Cartoonists and Fans to Celebrate Cartoon Day
October 27, 2004
Myongdong, South Korea
Cartoonists for local South Korean comics and animated programs will gather October 29 through November 3 to celebrate Cartoon Day with fans. They will also have a commemoration ceremony and parade to designate an area in Myongdong as Cartoon Street.
Read the full story from The Korea Times.


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