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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Fables #30 Review

Written by Bill Willingham; Penciled by Mark Buckingham; Inked by Steve Leialola; Cover by James Jean
Vertigo $2.50

Now that’s a lot better. The last Fables storyline was very disappointing, but the book returns to form with this issue. Election day has finally come to Fabletown. Prince Charming and King Cole go head to head in the race for mayor, the only position on the ballot. Meanwhile, Snow is giving birth to Bigby’s offspring.

The issue is packed full of action, but flows nicely. It doesn’t seem crowded with information from both storylines. Also Willingham writes very funny dialogue throughout the book. There are many humorous twists and turns, especially related to Snow’s labor.

Fables won the Eisner for best cover artist this year and the cover this issue is a great example of the title's quality covers overall. They are rich and slightly gothic. They also always do a great job of sticking to the theme of the each issue. The title always has a different style depending on the subject of each book. This month the title makes up the baby’s mobile. Each letter dangles on a string of its own. The election is also represented with the baby wearing a button for each candidate. The cover suits the book perfectly. Jean deserves the Eisner for consistently putting out the best cover.

Fables continues to use a great idea, the retelling of classic fairy tales, most creatively. We’ve almost had three years of the book now and happily, I don’t see an end in sight.

Bottom Line: A


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