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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 10/21/04

Ultra #3
Created by Jonathan and Joshua Luna
Image $2.95

They finally did it. This is the comic book that women have been waiting to be published. Ultra, the story of a group of super heroines that work for Heroine Inc. Sure they fight crime and please the public, but they also go on dates, meet for coffee, and give advice and support for each other. The book captures how women really are with their friends. It’s realistic even if the main character can fly. The Luna brothers have created a book that is about more than the super hero shtick; it’s about real people who happen to get paid to fight crime in a cape. Many women would enjoy this book, as for once, it isn’t about teenagers and high school, but is about real women and grown up life. It’s a shame that the book is only scheduled for an eight issue run.

Bottom Line: A

She-Hulk #8
Written by Dan Slott; Pencilled by Juan Bobillo; Inked by Marcelo Sosa
Marvel $2.99

She-Hulk wraps up her adventures at the Universal Court this month with a boxing match against the Champion of the Universe. The basics are there, but the story needs to be fleshed out a little more. The ending came fast and was contrived. The way She-Hulk finally ended up winning the match was so simple. Hopefully there are plans to explore the South Paw character more as right now she only serves as the sarcastic comic relief. This aspect of the book definitely needs work. Here’s wishing that the series gets back on track next month and follows the path that the first six issues laid out.

Bottom Line: C

District X #6
Written by Paul Hine; Penciled by Mike Perkins
Marvel $2.99

This issue wraps up the first story arc. It concludes in a very tidy manner. It might have been a little weak, but the other five issues carried this one completely. There are no loose ends to continue in issue seven, so it’s a perfect time to pick up the book. It seems that comic readers are never offered a clean slate and it feels very refreshing.

Bottom Line: B


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