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Friday, October 08, 2004

Spider-Girl #79 Review

Script, Plot, and Pencils by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz; Finished art by Sal Buschema; Letters by Dave Sharpe
Marvel $2.99

First off, I need to come clean; I am hopelessly addicted to Spider-Girl. Yes, I am one of THOSE people: the petition signing, Spider-Girl saving kind of comic book fan. This book has brought me back to comics twice now. I’ve quit the hobby all together a few times, but after a year or two I wonder how my girl May is doing and I come back. I’ve been back for about a year and while Spider-Girl may not last forever, I plan on reading comics for the rest of my life. Now that I’ve shared my Spider-Girl admission with you, I can move on with the review.

Spider-Girl weathered her makeover pretty well. She is back in the traditional spidey colors now, but the art has also undergone a change. Eyes are bigger and faces are bulgier. I can’t say I like the changes to May’s face all that much. She looks bloated at times. To their credit, they didn’t make her ankles and neck smaller and her breasts bigger. Sometimes the incredible shrinking ankles effect, a pet peeve of mine, passes as a character makeover. Thankfully, that is not the case here.

This issue finds May saving Normie Osborn once again. The premise is a bit different this time, however. Normie has been kidnapped by a cult devoted to the original Green Goblin. A crazy character Elan, Queen of the Goblins, heads it and believes she is betrothed to Normie. The story is great and the cult has a lot of potential for future use.

The weak points I see are what consistently hampers the title. I’m tired of Normie and Raptor’s relationship dragging on in mediocrity. It looks like their relationship will be coming to a crossroads in the next few issues though. I’d also like to see Spider-Girl actually make it somewhere on time. She must be the flakiest friend of all time. Besides those minor sticking points, the story moves at a good pace.

The best thing about this issue is definitely Elan, Queen of the Goblins. She earns her spot on the cover. She is evil, wicked, and probably insane. Her costume is a lot like a female Green Goblin’s outfit would be, but there is also a few surprises. Long slim knives, almost ice picks actually, come out of her wrist cuffs and her belt buckles in a Goblin face. Her ears are gigantic. She is everything I want the Queen of the Goblins to be. DeFalco and team don’t let us down in writing her either. You know she is crazy and that she truly believes she is to marry Normie. DeFalco easily makes Elan believable.

It looks like the next issue will be a good time to jump on to the series. Spider-Girl sure could use the readers. It is a great little series with quality writing. Why not give this title a little love?
Bottom Line: B


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