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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lackluster World #1 Review

Lackluster World #1
Gen: Eric Publishing $3.95
By Eric Adams

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Lackluster World #1. Hmm, well, I’d better try, I suppose, since I’m writing a review.

Lackluster World is the story of Fahrenheit Monahan, an albino journalist for a city newspaper and his brother and sister, Kelvin and Celsius, respectively. Fahrenheit’s siblings are Christians, but not your typical Christians (at least like none I’ve ever known). These brainwashed duo are most definitely odd.

Fahrenheit has toiled long enough in his job, a cog in the machine, and he’s reached a breaking point. We see Fahrenheit as just as he’s breaking and as he’s about to be reborn or “reanimated” as he says.

This is Eric Adams’s first comic, and that this is anyone’s first comic is really amazing. The art and design is in a beautifully fully rendered black and white. No minimalism for Adams. The writing, especially Fahrenheit’s inner dialog, is some of the best in comics today.

The only criticism I have is that Adams spent a little too long on Celsius and Kelvin. I thought they dominated more of the story than they could have. They’re so over-the-top simplistic that too much time with their characters can get grating.

By contrast, Fahrenheit is a much more complicated and full a character, and his dialogue is much more interesting. I hope Lackluster World #2 explores Fahrenheit and his “true potential” for more of the book. Adams states in his preface page that this is the first of seven or eight comics intended to be released quarterly.

Also worth mentioning is the Lackluster website. In most instances, Flash sites annoy the hell out of me, but the Lackluster site is gorgeous (make sure to turn on your speakers, too). This is by far the best Flash site I’ve seen. Like the comic, Adams displays his talent at graphic design. He has an amazing eye for design both on the site and in his comic.

You can read the first 16 pages of Lackluster World #1 on the site, and he reports that around December 1, there will be news and preview pages of issue #2.


Bottom line: A-


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