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Monday, November 08, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 11/08/04

Catwoman: When in Rome #2
By Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
DC Comics $3.50

I continue to be impressed with the Loeb and Sale team. This Catwoman book really packs a punch. The story is entertaining and interesting and continues with the film noir feel as laid out in the first issue. The art is spectacular as well, capturing the mystery of the storyline in dark and cloudy tones. My favorite thing about the book though, is Loeb and Sale’s portrayal of the Riddler. He is even squirrellier than I imagined. If the story continues on its way, I think it will be one of the best of the year. It will certainly make a great trade or hard cover at some point.

Bottom Line: A

Stoker’s Dracula #1
Adapted by Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano
Marvel $3.99

This project, originally started in the 1970s, will finally be finished with this four-issue run. The first issue, released right before Halloween, came out just when I was looking for a creepy monster tale. The adaptation of Stoker’s story is perfectly suited for comics as it is rich with visual details and descriptions. The black and white book seems like such a departure for Marvel. I know they’ve done Dracula books before, but this book is different. The art is classic and stands the test of time even after its 30-years on the shelf. It also has a lot more text than the average Marvel title. This book is a real treat from the grayed out antique feel of the art down to the easy to understand adaptation of the original novel. It’s truly delightful.

Bottom Line: A

The Question #1
Written by Rick Veitch; Art and Color by Tommy Lee Edwards; Lettered by John Workman
DC $2.95

The cover of the Question with its streaky, blocky and well-lit look is what drew me into this book. The writing is about as half successful as the cover unfortunately, but still I’m not totally dissapointed in the issue. The problem is that the story is broken into two parts: “today” and “yesterday”. “Today” is a great story and where the action really begins with the Question Vic Sage traveling to Metropolis. The “yesterday” story where the Question fights a thug is not so good. It is a very formulaic backstory that instead of just giving information completely distracts from the “today” story. Half the book is great though, even though it is dragged down. I’m hoping that issue 2 continues the way “today” was going. That would make the six-issue run very promising.

Bottom Line: B-


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