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Friday, November 12, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 11/12/04

Y: the Last Man #28
Written by Brian K. Vaughan; Pencils by Pia Guerra; Inked by Jose Marzan, Jr.
Vertigo $2.95

After a sub par issue last month Vaughan and the gang return to form and their usual amazing stories. From the cover with the 1960s sci-fi feel down to the meeting between Hero and 355 that we’ve been waiting months for, this issue has got it. Why isn’t everyone (and I mean comic fans and non-readers alike) picking up this book? I just don’t understand it.

Bottom Line: A

Green Arrow #43
Script by Judd Winick; Pencils by Phil Hester; Inked by Ande Parks
DC $2.50

I haven’t read Green Arrow since the first few issues of the relaunch in 2001, but when comic book blogs and websites started pumping this landmark issue, I decided to jump on board. When a company decides to launch something as potentially controversial as an HIV positive character, I have to wonder about their motives. Are they doing it to enhance the storyline or is it just for publicity and sales? It really is too early to tell how the storyline will go, as the shocker was only revealed on the very last panel of the very last page, but I remain positive (no pun intended) about the coming issues. The writing in this issue is superb and Winick should get a lot of credit for his work here. The story is hardly about what it will become forever known for, but what we get is outstanding. The hype and publicity machine surely worked on this issue and many readers, including me, will be around for a bit to see how the storyline plays out. No matter DC’s intention with this character, the result here is worth a look.

Bottom Line: B+

Spider-Girl #80
Script, plot and art by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe
Marvel $2.99

I mentioned last month that this issue of Spider-Girl would be a great jumping on point. It definitely is, giving new readers a clear look at May’s world. We see her at home, at school, and as Spider-Girl. I thought this issue was a little cheesier than most, but I still enjoyed it. Also it is nice to see the return of May’s best friend Davida Kirby. Feel free to start reading the book any time now.

Bottom Line: B


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