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Friday, November 19, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 11/19/04

Trilogy of Terror
By Kelly Everaert
Keltic Studios $2

I picked this self-published book up at the Vancouver Comicon last weekend. Like the title says the book contains three horror stories “Retribution from the Deep,” “Awaiting Rescue,” and “The Curse.” The stories are classic horror and monster fare each with their own style. Retribution is a tale of revenge, Rescue has a 1960s sci-fi vibe, and the Curse has a Victorian feel. I was most impressed with the Curse and its gypsies. The art and costumes captured the Victorian look nicely and the story was the most fleshed out of the three. These are fun short horror stories that are worth a look.

Bottom Line: B

2004 A United Front Anthology
With stories and art by Steve Rolston, Scott Morse, Jim Mahfood, and others
Cartoon Militia $3

Like all anthologies there are both hits and misses in this Cartoon Militia collection. Most of the stories in this book fall somewhere in between, however. They are good, but not great. The best stories were S. Steven Struble’s “the Li’l Depressed Boy” and “Jack Spade and Tony Two-Fist” by Rolston. One thing this book is great for is introducing the reader to a lot of different artists and writers for a very reasonable price. For that alone, fans should consider picking it up.

Bottom Line: B

Spider-Man India #1
Script and Art by Jeevan J. Kang, Suresh Setharaman, and Sharad Devarajain
Marvel $2.99

Oh boy, I think I let the hype get to me on this one. I like the idea of Spider-Man in different countries, but I was expecting a re-imagining of the character and story rather than a rehashing of the tale. While the story is bent a bit to fit into Indian culture, Marvel didn’t go far enough with the idea. It is exactly like the story we already know. The names have hardly been changed. Mary Jane is now Meera Jain and Uncle Ben is Uncle Bhim. Although the art is great, I was expecting so much more.
Bottom Line: C +


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