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Monday, November 22, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 11/22/04

She-Hulk #9
Written by Dan Slott; Penciled by Paul Pelletier; Inked by Rick Magyar
Marvel $2.99

She-Hulk is back at the law firm after her stint on the Universal Court. She is getting reacquainted with her life on earth, getting used to trying cases, seeing friends, and living in her own apartment. She also has to get used to her new strength. While she was away, She-Hulk worked out as Jen Walters. Because she worked out as a human, her power as She-Hulk has increased exponentially. She isn’t used to her physical changes, including being buffer than book guest star Hercules. Reed Richards gives her a new suit that reigns in some of that power until she becomes accustomed to it. This issue of She-Hulk is just as good at the firs few issues in the series. There are three more issue until the book “first season” ends. Hopefully we will see it around again soon. Marvel doesn’t put out high quality series like this all the time and I’m already dreading its end.

Bottom Line: B

Fables #31
Written by Bill Willingham; Penciled by Mark Buckingham; Inked by Steve Leialoha
Vertigo $2.50

This issue of Fables acts as a bridge between the last storyline and the next. A lot of doors are closed and new ones are opened, but no real action occurs. King Cole’s administration is out and Prince Charming is in. Snow moves up to the Farm with her new litter. The link to the next storyline, Colin telling Snow the future of Fabletown, is dropped on the last page of the book. While the story is good here, but not that exciting, I recommend picking up the next issue. It’s the beginning of a new storyline, of a consistently excellent book.

Bottom Line: B

The Pulse #6
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Brent Anderson; Colors by Pete Pantazis
Marvel $2.99

This issue of the Pulse “Secret War: Part 1” ties directly in with Bendis’s Secret War series that is currently on issue three. I haven’t read those books and I think they would have helped me figure out what exactly was going on in this issue of the Pulse. Not to say the story is entirely confusing, it’s just set up here. Everything will be explained in the next parts, of course. As if her life wasn’t stressful enough, Jessica Jones life just gets worse at the beginning of this issue. I’m hoping after this story line, our girl will get some good news in her life.

Bottom Line: B


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