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Monday, November 15, 2004

Vancouver Comicon Review

My only Con experience is limited to the Penny Arcade Expo back in August, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first actual comicon. Erin, Karrin, and I set out at noon to drive up to Vancouver. We had no trouble at the boarder and didn’t even get lost along the way. We stopped to exchange our money and to eat some grub. Arriving at Heritage Hall at about two, we paid the astoundingly cheap $3 admission fee and entered.

Although the con was a lot smaller than I expected, it was still extremely fun. Tables were made up of about 50% retailers and 50% artists and writers. This mix suited the room well. We could peruse back issues, both more expensive books and those from the loony ($1) bins and also pop over and buy independent and self-published books right from their creators. Another great thing about the con was that it had hourly door prizes. Karrin was the lucky winner of the Art of Marvel hardcover.

The stars of the show were writer Greg Rucka and artist Steve Rolston. They were both very approachable and happy to sign or draw for fans. I had my Queen and Country Operation Broken Ground signed by both of them. Erin had Queen and Country #1 signed and Karrin had Rucka sign Wonder Woman: Hiketeia for Erin.

We also bought books by both Michel Gagne and Ken Boesem, which they graciously signed for us. We were surprised to found out that Gagne, with his impressive resume, lives in our sleepy hamlet, Bellingham, Washington. I had always seen his Zed in our local comic shop, but never bought it. This time, I bought issues one and two. The character Zed is just too cute to resist, plus I think it is important to “buy local.”

Even though I was on a budget of $20, I came away with some good books. In addition to what I listed above, I also bought Cartoon Militia’s anthology “A United Front” at Rolston’s table and a snowman Christmas card and the “Trilogy of Terror” from Kelley Everaert. Finally, I picked up an issue of “Demon Gun” from a loony bin. Look for reviews of all my books here in the coming weeks.

The Vancouver Comicon was a great first con experience. It was small and laid back. It was nice that there were no lines and you could talk to everyone if you wished. The con felt like a warm up for the Emerald City Comicon in February and I can’t wait to go to another one.


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