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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December Previews Highlights: Kerry’s Picks

First off, I must note that Erin and I picked quite a few of the same choices this month. I echo her picks of Runaways #1 (I didn’t believe Marvel when they said they would come out with a second season.), Strange Day, The Expatriate #1 and La Perdida #5. We usually pick a few of the same books, but never this many. Besides Erin’s wonderful choices, I noted a few more in this great Previews issue.

Pick of the Month:
The Clouds Above
By Jordan Crane
Page 276; Fantagraphics Books; $16.95; 300 pgs.

This all-ages fantasy surely earns its pick of the month status. “All-ages fantasy” is usually a tag enough to grab my interest, but the production values sound amazing as well. The artist, Jordan Crane, has hand silk-screened the cover. Then it was relief stamped during binding. I’m a sucker for fancy packaging, but the description of the story touted as a cross between the Wizard of Oz and Where the Wild Things Are drew me in as well.

Little Star #1
By Andi Watson
Page 306; Oni Press; $2.99; 32 pgs.

After Love Fights, I’m sold on Andi Watson. This next project, the story of the average suburban dad sounds right up Watson’s alley. He makes something great out of the ordinary and even mundane story.

Owly: Just a Little Blue
By Andy Runton
Page 340; Top Shelf Productions; $10; 112 pgs.

The second Owly graphic novel, “Just a Little Blue” tells a story of sacrifice and friendship. Owly is entirely too adorable and is utterly charming. Owly should be made into movie. Go Mr. Runton, get a movie deal now. Please.

Krachmacher GN
By Jim Campbell
Page 213; $6.50; 48 pgs.

This Xeric grant winning book contains three stories “At the Shore,” “Unsere Freund,” and “Shipwrecked Hopes.” I’m most interested in the second story, a series of are they or aren’t they real flashbacks.

Vimanarama #1
Page 115; Vertigo; $2.95; 32 pgs.

This book, by Grant Morrison, looks like a Bollywood movie in a comic book. Ali is about to be married to Sophia through their parents’ arrangement. All goes well until an army of fossil demons is released and only a 15,000 year-old super-man can save the world. The story sounds wacky and completely original. There is a three-page sneak peek in Previews and it looks great.

And finally, I’m also interested in checking out the Marvel Weddings TPB, a compilation of all the important Marvel Universe Weddings, like Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Sue and Reed Richards, and even Bruce and Betty, Catwoman: When in Rome #5, and the Rockets and Robots (two of my favorite things) compilation from Komicwerks.


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