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Monday, December 13, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 12/13/04

She-Hulk #10
Written by Dan Slott; Pencilled by Paul Pelletier; Inked by Rick Magyar
Marvel $2.99

Finally, Titania, She-Hulk’s biggest rival makes an appearance in the title. Slott and crew make up for this oversight by having her star in the issue. The story, the first in a three-part tale, sets up Titania’s back-story and her hatred of She-Hulk. Her hatred seems a little weak here. We already know that Titania despises the good Jen Walters, but it just doesn’t seem strong enough. Still, it’s great they use the character for this issue and the next two. It’s a good way to end “season one” of the series.

Bottom Line: B

Fables #32
Written by Bill Willingham; Penciled by Mark Buckingham; Inked by Steve Leialoha
Vertigo $2.50

Prince Charming’s transition into office continues to go poorly. Fabletown residents are already beginning to protest. Boy Blue is still missing. Snow, however, is enjoying life at the farm with the babies. I’m afraid that with the arrival of a new guest that will all change. The story was great this issue, but I thought the panel layout was strange. Each page has a special border, but on some pages, it feels like something is cut off or missing. I’m not sure why they went with this layout, but I don’t like it.

Bottom Line: B

Spider-Girl #81
Written by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz; Art by Sal Buscema
Marvel $2.99

A real feel good family oriented story comes from DeFalco and Frenz this month. Spider-Man and Spider-Girl help Electro make contact with his daughter Aftershock. It’s a very touching story and it’s great that Peter and May spend time together not fighting. The story is not cheesy even though it had the potential to be and comes off as very sweet instead.

Bottom Line: B

Y: The Last Man #29
Written by Brian K. Vaughan; Penciled by Pia Guerra; Inked by Jose Marzan Jr.
Vertigo $2.95

It’s another cliffhanger issue of Y, this month. Somehow I figured that some questions would be answered this issue, but it’s an edge-of-your-seat story with no payoff. Yorick isn’t healthy and hasn’t seen his sister Hero, who is currently hung up with 355. Dr. Mann hasn’t figured out the plague and it’s killing me! The suspense is horrible and the book is great.

Bottom Line: A-


  • At 1:23 AM, December 15, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Speaking of FABLES, I just read a great interview with James Jean in the new Comics Interpreter (another amazing JJ cover too!). It says on the website that they'll send FREE review copies to "bloggers and critics" if you email 'em, so you guys are in like flynn.

  • At 11:15 AM, December 15, 2004, Blogger Dupree said…

    hells yea, Spider-Girl #81 was awesome. I really liked it.


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