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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Single-Panel Reviews 12/14/04

Street Angel #4
SLG $2.95
By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
This issue Rugg and Maruca emphasize the “street” in Street Angel. The story “Down in the Dumpster Blues” is a very low-key issue – no fighting or wild antics. It’s just Street Angel searching out some food. I’m very torn on this issue. The penciling and inking is as skilled as I’ve seen in the series – beautifully done really. And both covers were great, as well. Part of me likes the breather from the crazy action, but the other part of me says “yeah, but that’s why you pick up this series – to be wildly entertained by insane happenings.” And that didn’t happen this issue. I’ve read quite a bit of criticism of this issue – one point of which I’d like to respond to. Some have said they don’t buy that Street Angel couldn’t find something to eat or is homeless because she’s so resourceful. Well, this may be true, but, to be fair, after reading earlier issues no one was questioning her ability to fight pirates from the past or team up with Jesus. Anyway, I liked it, and yet it wasn’t quite the Street Angel I know and love.
Bottom line: B-

Gotham Central #26
DC $2.50
Writer: Ed Brubaker; Artist: Jason Alexander; Colorist: Lee Loughridge
A new two-part storyline “On the Freak Beat” begins with this issue. The Gotham Central team continues to create a solid book. This is one I look forward to each month, and this issue gives me even more reason to with Catwoman making an appearance. Josie (Detective MacDonald, that is) has a secret, which is revealed to the reader and an eavesdropping Catwoman, who, of course, swiftly decides to use this knowledge to her own advantage. Note to self: never reveal secrets outloud while talking to a gravesite of a loved one.
Bottom line: A-

DEMO 12 from DEMO #12
AiT/Planet Lar $2.95
By Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan
That’s a wrap, kids. This marks the last issue of DEMO and the conclusion to an outstanding experiment. The main story in this issue “Mon Dernier Jour Avec Toi” is poetry set to pictures, showing a young couple’s last day together. The artwork is a blend of styles and uses the photographic treatment of backgrounds much like issue #10, but even more so. And interestingly, although each issue of DEMO has been a one-shot, not touching on any other issue, there's a short comic “Marie & Mike” at the end of this book doing this in a way. Marie and Mike are the two characters from the very first issue, thus bringing the series around full circle. A nice, classy ending to an entirely enjoyable series.
Bottom line: A

Bear #7
SLG $2.95
By Jamie Smart
Bear makes me giggle. I know I’m going to laugh whenever I pick up this comic about Bear, a talking teddy, his stoner owner, and Looshkin, the deranged cat they both live with. Bear is bizarre, in a good, entertaining way. If you were disappointed in the non-action of Street Angel this month, do yourself a favor and grab this comic for a fix. And if you are someone who is disappointed that comics take too short a time to read – good luck breezing through the ever-dense Bear. Although I enjoyed the last issue more, I still recommend this comic. I’m just hoping I get some cash in my stocking so I can pick up the trade.
Bottom line: B


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