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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Tales From Fish Camp Review

Tales From Fish Camp from http://www.ait-planetlar.comTales From Fish Camp:
A City Girl’s Experience Working in an Alaskan Fishing Village

AiT/Planet Lar $9.95
By Danielle Henderson

“Tales From Fish Camp” is the prose story of the author’s seven months working at a fish camp in a remote area of Alaska. So what am I doing reading a prose book (or a book book as I like to call them)? I mean why should I waste my time on a book without “pictures”? Because, first, the refusal of some to read the genre of comics because they contain “pictures” really does sound as ridiculous when reversed, and, second, this is a very entertaining read.

Henderson says it herself in the last chapter: “I had fun, dangerous, mind-boggling experiences. And let’s face it, I have stories to fill awkward pauses at parties for the rest of my life.” That’s exactly what this book feels like, too. Henderson tells her stories in a straightforward but conversational and familiar way. Feels like I should be sipping on a whiskey myself while “listening” to these tales.

When I read the solicitation in “Previews” awhile back, it piqued my interest, but I somehow got it into my head these would be darker tales. Not so – Henderson shares her experiences in a humorous vein. Experiences such as the time she took a man who’d been impaled in the eye with a herring to the clinic, hitching into the nearby small town for nights of drinking, and conducting job interviews with scores of ex-cons. The description of her daily life at fish camp, even the housing horrors and mind-numbing hours, are made interesting as well.

At times, I think Henderson could have given the reader more – more detailed stories, and perhaps just more stories. I would have liked her to describe some of the people in more detail, because when she describes people and experiences, she does it well. I put down the book wanting a bit more. Maybe it’s partly because the writing is so personable and positive, no matter what the situation, that it doesn’t bog the reader down.

The style, the tales themselves, and the bite-sized chapters, all make “Tales From Fish Camp” a light, entertaining, and recommended read.

Bottom line: B+


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