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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Link 'Em Up!

There’s quite a bit going on around the Internets (as W. would say), so here are a few things to check out for yourself.

Over at the Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog the contest currently running is in its final day for a copy of “Colonia: Islands and Anomolies” or a page of original artwork from the series. You’ve only got until 9 p.m. (PST) on January 20 to enter, so get going!

Lots of time to enter the Street Angel Contest at Comic Book Galaxy. Enter for a chance to win an autographed set of Street Angel #1-5 and the original Street Angel mini-comic. A pretty cool twist is that the winner’s comic book shop will receive an identical set. Oh, and the Grand Prize is a piece of original Street Angel art for both the winner and his/her comic shop. Nice.

The Onion’s AV Club interviews Los Bros Hernandez.

NewCityChicago.Com takes a look at Chicago’s next generation of graphic novelists, including Tom Lynch, Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown, John Hankiewicz, and Paul Hornschemeier.

Derek Kirk Kim is interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered.

The Comic Pimp, James Sime, is back with a new column at CBR.

Also of note over at CBR is Augie De Blieck Jr.’s newest column and his third Podcast as well.

The Third Annual Emerald City Comicon is just around the corner. The two-day event is set for Feb. 5 and 6 and features a laundry list of talented creators and publishers.

Free Comic Book Day will be held May 7 this year and the Gold Sponsor comics and Silver Sponsor comics have just been announced. Looks like some very good picks this year. Especially catching my eye are Ronin Hood of 47 Samurai #1 from Beckett, the Bongo Comics offering, Flight Primer from Image, Superior Showcase #0 from AdHouse, Comics Festival! featuring Canadian creators, The Adventures of Paul from Drawn & Quarterly, and an all-new Owly tale from Top Shelf.

And last, but not least, Neil Kleid, of Ninety Candles fame, has a new column at Scryptic Studios called “Big Pond.”


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