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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Links Schminks

I finally got around to updating my links section, and thought I’d point out some highlights. I’m sure some of these are already in your bookmarks, but perhaps there are a gem or two you've yet to discover.

Fanboy Rampage
This blog is always good for a laugh, and elicits some of the best comments of any comics blog.

Peter David’s Blog
If you like PAD, then you’ll love his blog.

Warren Ellis’s Blog
Another fun creator blog – check it out for a glimpse into what Ellis is reading. You are always assured a link to a wacky news story, etc.

Brill Building
Ian Brill’s blog focused on comics is both interesting and entertaining. Good times.

The Comics Reporter
This is a news and commentary site you should read each and every day.

Postmodern Barney
Mike Sterling’s “Pal Dorian” is also a must read.

Zach Braffs Garden State Blog
Liked Garden State? Check out this blog. Although Braff doesn’t post very regularly the entries are always worth a laugh.

New Comic Book Releases List
Each Tuesday, this site is updated with the week’s new comics listed by company, which is much easier to check out than Diamond’s list, which lumps all the small publisher stuff together. Also contains the last week’s releases, the next week’s, cancelled books, news, and links.

The Hostess Page
This is an extensive guide to all the insanely hilarious snack advertisements that used superheroes to sell their tasty treats.


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