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Thursday, March 31, 2005

April Previews Highlights: Kerry’s Picks

Pick of the Month: Cute Manifesto TPB
Alternative Comics; page 242; $19.95; 168 pgs.

James Kochalka releases his version of “Dianetics” this month. It sounds a bit like a self-help book, but Kochalka’s sense of humor practically ensures it will be on a whole new plane of enjoyability that has never been experienced by the common (wo)man. Page 241 is a great full page add for the book and just like Kochalka says there, I’m “ready to unfurl into full glory.”

Featured Comics:

Zed #6
Gagne International Press, page 310, $2.95; 24 pages

All hail Zed! The return of the cutest, most misunderstood alien in all the universe is finally here. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Issue five ended with quite a cliff hanger and it’s been killing me ever since. Gagne’s art is incredible and your heart will melt at the sight of little Zed.

Mome Volume 1 GN
Fantagraphics; page 306; $14.95; 136 pgs.

This book, a first in a quarterly comic anthology looks like serious comic reading at its finest. The text compares it to McSweeney’s, the best literary anthology available. This book looks like it could become a great crossover, attracting literary hipster types as well as fans of independent comics. Contributors to issue one include Jeffrey Brown and Anders Nilsen. Those two names really speak to the book’s quality and I’ll be giving it a shot.

Hellboy: The Island #1 (of 2)
Dark Horse Comics; page 22; $2.99; 32 pgs.

This is Hellboy’s first trip back to an original comic story after last year’s blockbuster movie. Creator Mike Mignola has been working on other projects. This particular two-parter is a follow up to The Third Wish, which came out in 2001. I haven’t read that story yet, but I’ll certainly be checking out these books. The art preview on page 23 is just as spectacular as it is in all Hellboy yarns.

Street Angel Volume 1 TP
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics; page 245; $14.95; 124 pgs.

This trade collects the first five issues of Street Angel and a slew of extras include the Free Comic Book story, a sketchbook section, and pinup gallery. The book, about a homeless 13-year-old girl who kicks major butt was not a book that was originally on my radar. Erin has great taste and foresight though and picked it up. I read her copies and adored it and now I need a copy of my very own.

Concrete Volume 1: Depths TPB
Dark Horse Comics; page 32; $12.95; 208 pgs.

I’ve wanted to check out Paul Chadwick’s Concrete for a few months now. I wasn’t aware that this trade was solicited, so I was quite happy to see this advertised. The book will have many extras besides the early material including some of Chadwick’s short stories. This trade is going to be the perfect way to become acquainted with Concrete.

Sandman Mystery Theatre Volume 3: The Vamp TP
Vertigo; page 122; $12.99; 104 pgs.

The third volume of the classic Vertigo book gets its fair treatment this month. The first two volumes were on my want list, but I didn’t end up getting them. I’m also constantly combing Ebay for a large lot of back issues. Maybe it is time for me to just buy the trades and get on with enjoying this series. My knowledge of the Sandman is extremely limited, so partaking in this retelling would be enjoyable at the very least.


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