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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March Previews Highlights: Erin’s Picks

I’m so happy it’s Previews time again. There weren’t a plethora of things I saw of note, but what did catch my eye got me excited.

Pick of the Month:
True Story, Swear to God Vol. 2: This One Goes to 11 TP
AiT/Planet Lar – pg. 226; $12.95; 136 pgs.
There were a few top comics in the running for “Pick of the Month” for March, but between the “This is Spinal Tap” reference and the excellent nature of the comic itself, I was forced to pick this trade. I recently folded under “peer blog pressure” (yeah, that’d be Laura’s constant recommendations) and purchased the first trade. What a wonderful series – it’s the most refreshing comic I’ve read in quite some time. Look for a review of the series on this blog soon. In the meantime, order this second trade. Trust me.

Featured Comics:
Super F**kers #1
Top Shelf – pg. 356; $7; 32 pgs.
James Kochalka strikes again with this full-color comic about the “badest teenage superhero team around.” The kids hang out in their clubhouse, play video games, etc., and now they’re holding tryouts for new members. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve ever read of Kochalka’s, so, needless to say, I’m looking forward to his take on teenage superheroes. It’s bound to be entertaining.

Why Are You Doing This? GN
Fantagraphics – pg. 294; $12.95; 48 pgs.
Another full-color comic, this time from Jason and Fantagraphics. (Actually Fantagraphics has a few books in this Previews that looked good.) It’s touted as resembling a Hitchcock screenplay (which is a sure way to get me to buy a comic). The protagonist breaks up with his girlfriend and then is blamed for his best friend’s murder – he must prove his innocence despite the entrance of the real killer.

I Was Someone Dead
Oni Press – pg. 322; $9.95; 104 pgs.
In this prose novella, Hieronymous Zoo lives on a serene island but is only able to escape his tortuous nightmares on the island’s beach. Sounds nice, but when a sea monster emerges from the water, Hieronymous has to find a way to battle this monster – or is it an inner demon? Andi Watson illustrates this novella by Jamie S. Rich.

Pantheon – pg. 323; $16.95; HC
Marjane Satrapi writes more about her family and history, but this time focuses on the female members of her life. Her grandmother, mother, aunt, and friends talk over tea about love, sex, and men. I’m looking forward to another of Satrapi’s look into Iranian life.

Strange Eggs #1
SLG – pg. 231; $3.95; 48 pgs.
A brother and sister get a strange egg delivered to them each week, and the eggs hatch into problems they need to solve, like aliens, dinosaurs, crazed ventriloquist dummies, and hobos – you know, the classics. This is an anthology by approximately 18 different SLG creators, and has officially intrigued me.

Felt: True Tales of Underground Hip Hop
Image – pg. 141; $2.95; 32 pgs.
Jim Mahfood has created this one-shot visual interpretation of the rappers Slug and Murs collaborative album. Mahfood is a heck of creative mind, so this should be a treat.

Machine Teen #1 (of 5)
Marvel – pg. 8 (of the Marvel insert); $2.99; 32 pgs.
The James Jean cover caught my eye, but the description kept me interested. This limited series will tell the story of the seemingly perfect teen who finds out he’s not actually human – rather, a machine.

Quick Picks:
A unique project from Dark Horse , The Jackson 500 Vol. 1, contains the first 100 of 500 business-card sized paintings by Tim Biskup. The solicit says “Birds, beasts, shriners, and showgirls are among the frolicking inhabitants of Biskup’s bizarre, colorful world.” (pg. 25; $14.95; 112 pgs. 5”x5”)

Too Much Coffee Man: How to be Happy trade will be released by Dark Horse. The strip by Shannon Wheeler will be nice and hefty at 144 pgs for $12.95 (pg. 32).

DC’s releasing the Batman Begins Movie Adaptation by Scott Beatty, Kilian Plunkett, and Serge LaPointe (pg. 62; $6.99; 64 pgs.).

Another Year One–themed title will be coming out from DC. This time it’s Batman/Scarecrow Year One. Written by Bruce Jones and illustrated by Sean Murphy, this book will for some reason be released in two parts (pg. 65; $5.99; 48 pgs.).

The second trade of Gotham Central is finally coming out. This trade – Gotham Central: Half a Life – collects the Eisner Award winning issues 6-10 of the series (pg. 68; $14.99; 168 pgs.)

A graphic novel by Marc Males is being released by Humanoids. Different Ugliness, Different Madness is set during the golden age of radio and explores two people’s relationship with each other and within themselves (pg. 107; $14.99; 128 pgs.).

Warren Ellis has a new series debuting. Desolation Jones #1 from Wildstorm follows a survivor of an experiment in which he “lived through a full year of constant sleepless agony.” Former British intelligence, Desolation Jones is now a detective for hire in LA (pg. 111; $2.99; 32 pgs.).

Been wanting to check out PVP in print? Check out the 16-pg. “sample” issue, PVP #0, from Image for just 50 cents (pg. 146).

Zig Zag #1 looks interesting from Adhouse Books. J. Chris Campbell presents this one-man anthology of “kooky” and fun stories (pg. 204; $5.95; 32 pgs).

Alternative Comics had a few titles that looked promising, but the one that grabbed my attention was Hickee Vol. 3 #1 and the Hickee Anthology TP. This is an “underground” comic anthology begun by Graham Annable with his friends. The trade is $12.95 and 128 pgs.

Dark Mists #1 from AP Comics is set in Koyoto, Japan, in 1936 and follows a group of geisha ladies who are recruited to inform on conversations they observe (pg. 238; $3.50; 28 pgs.).

And last, but not least, is a new Queen & Country Declassified series. This Volume 3 reveals Nicholas Poole’s background while an SAS officer in Ireland. Of note is that Greg Rucka will not be writing this three-issue series; instead, he will serve as creative supervisor while Antony Johnston will take the writing reigns with Christopher Mitten on art (pg. 323; $2.99; 32 pgs.).


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    Heya Erin - Thanks for the good words on our anthology "Strange Eggs." Hope you enjoy it...

    --Ben "Strange Eggs contributor & co-editor" Towle

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