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Monday, March 14, 2005

Single Panel Reviews: 3/14/2005

Fables 34 and 35
Written by BillWillingham; Pencils and Inks by David Hahn
Vertigo; $2.50 each

The Jack Be Nimble storyline is compromised of both issues 24 and 35. Willingham takes a step back from Fabletown and explains where Jack has gone with the Fabletown fortune. He ends up in Hollywood trying to capitalize off his life adventures. These two issues are a great side story. Issues like these keep me coming back for every issue of Fables. It’s always consistent, stylish, and strong and these two issues are no exception.

Bottom Line: A-

Ultra #7
By the Joshua and Jonathan Luna
Image Comics; $2.95

A letter in the back of this month’s Ultra has a reader lamenting that Ultra isn’t an ongoing series. With only one issue left, I’m feeling that reader’s pain. Ultra, the story of super heroine Pearl “Ultra” Penalosa and her superhero girlfriends has been a great ride so far. I get a little misty-eyed thinking of next month’s finale.

One of my favorite things about Ultra is its mock-magazine cover. This month, the Luna Brothers pay homage to People magazine just in time to cover the 77th annual Superhero Awards. Ultra isn’t too popular with the press right now, due a highly publicized one night stand, but she still goes to the awards despite jeers from the crowd. I just don’t want it to end.

Bottom Line: A

Catwoman #38
Written by Scott Morse; Pencilled by Paul Gulacy; Inked by Jimmy Palmiotti

Although Catwoman: When in Rome is one of my favorite books right now, this is the first issue of regular Catwoman I’ve picked up. I admit it was the interesting cover that drew me in, but it was the great thug Wooden Nickel that convinced me to pick up the next issue in this three-part “Three Piece Suit” storyline. The book starts with Catwoman going out on a dinner date, only to be accosted at the ATM by one Wooden Nickel. They fight with both fists and words and good punches are landed by both parties. The book is light on dialog, but it looks great and the story of how the Three Piece Suit Insurance Agency wants to take down Catwoman, is intrigue filled.

Bottom Line: B


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