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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Single-Panel Reviews 3/20/2005

My picks today are all amazing. They all deserve the high marks they got. Maybe I should have called in Single-Panel Reviews: Superstar Edition.

Little Star #1
Written and illustrated by Andi Watson
Oni Press, Inc.; $2.99

Little Star is the touching story of a father and his burgeoning relationship with his young daughter. His daughter isn’t very interested in her daddy and he is feeling guilty about keeping her in daycare. One of my favorite things about the book is the tie-ins with stars and space in general. The story of the daughter and her dad really fit in with this motif. Watson’s style is clean and simple. It’s a beautiful book and I’m not surprised to find that Little Star is another great story. The man has never disappointed me.

Bottom Line: A

Mary Jane: Homecoming #1
Written by Sean McKeever; Art by Takeshi Miyazawa; Colors by Cristina Strain
Marvel Comics; $2.99

No one was sadder about Mary Jane’s cancellation than my roommate and I. Within one issue we fell in love with everything about the original. The story was fun, the art beautiful. We eagerly awaited this new limited series and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Although it isn’t billed this way, Mary Jane: Homecoming picks up pretty much where the last story left off. MJ is getting ready to go the big dance, but isn’t sure about her feelings for Harry or Spiderman. Her best friend Liz still thinks MJ is secretly seeing Flash behind her back. The story reads like the best kind of high-school drama. Miyazawa’s art is especially great and fits the story well. It is fresh and filled with bright pastels. Don’t let the subject matter put you off here. It’s a great book.

Bottom Line: A-

Catwoman: When in Rome #4
By Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
DC Comics; $3.50

This book has reached the half-way point and it keeps getting more and more intriguing. For every answer the reader receives, more questions are asked. This time around (Chapter 4: Thursday) Selena finds herself thinking back to her time with Batman and, when not daydreaming, in a brawl with the Cheetah over the stolen ring from the Vatican. While the story is good, the art work continues to stand out here. The book is dripping with 1940’s style and every page is a joy to view. The most exciting pages however cover a flashback to happier times with Batman. These pages look amazing. Instead of white, the edges of the pages are yellow appearing aged. The color scheme of red, black and yellow ensure that the pages stick out from the rest of the book. This one is going to make an amazing hardcover if DC decides to go that way.

Bottom Line: A


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