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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Single-Panel Reviews: 3/22/2005

Amazing Joy Buzzards 2 & 3
Story by Mark Andrew Smith; Art by Dan Hip
Image Comics; $2.95 each

Pure unadulterated rollicking good time is the best way to describe this story. The Amazing Joy Buzzards, a British pop band continue their Scooby Doo-esque adventure to save the world. Smith’s writing is great and it really picks up in this issue. The story is moving a little fast, but the characters themselves make up for it. Each band member has at least one laugh-out-loud line. While the story does suffer by being a little too over-the-top, it’s still loads of crazy fun.

Bottom Line: B

Love as a Foreign Language Vol. 2

Written by J. Torres; Art by Eric Kim
Oni Press; $6.95

In this issue main character Joel becomes even more funny and adorable. He still dislikes Korea and his job, but can’t stop thinking about Hana, the beautiful new school secretary. Unfortunately, he also hasn’t been able to muster up the guts to have a conversation with her. While he is still trying to decide if he should stay in Korea another year, Joel spends most of his time day-dreaming about Hana.

Issue two is even stronger than the first one. The story picks up speed and Torres does a great job keeping the book both humorous and heart-felt without an ounce of cheesiness. The script is funny and much of the comic relief comes from Joel’s fellow teachers as they gently rib him over his feelings for Hana.

The only problem so far is how my book was cut. The action and words on some pages go right to the edge and the top of some words were cut clean off.

Bottom Line: B+

Vimanarama #2
Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Philip Bond; Colors by Brian Miller
Vertigo; $2.99

This book continues to get crazier. Issue one left Ali and Sofia in danger at the hands of some giant alien robots called Ultraadeenan. Soon huge immortal Prince Ben Rama comes to save them. He mistakes Sofia for the reincarnation of his long lost love. Don’t think this is all a love-triangle though. The Ultrahadeen are still bet on destroying Earth and Ben Rama.

It’s unclear to me where Morrison is taking this story and I think it could go either way from this issue. Bond’s art is great and he puts a lot of detail into each character. Sofia is the best looking character here and Bond portrays her in a realistic manner. Finally, the use of color is interesting as well. Miller uses a lot of pink, which is rare in an action story. It’s a welcome change.

Bottom Line: B


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