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Thursday, March 03, 2005

This Just In ...

Here are a couple things worth sharing ...

Comic Foundry
I recently received an email about a new comics-related site called the Comic Foundry. I checked it out and am happy to recommend this very nice-looking site. The aim of the site is to foster community by helping educate comic artists and writers who want to break into the comics biz. Their tagline is “showcase. network. learn. breakout.”

Comic Foundry is free and includes the standards of comic websites: interviews with artists and writers, message boards, etc. The site also includes a section for creators to post writing and art in an online portfolio for review from other readers and a “matchups” section where creators can put out a call for collaborators.

What I particularly like is that the articles focus on the craft of comic creation. For example the interview with Greg Land focuses on his creation process for covers in general and specifically discusses several covers he’s done.

This site, founded by Tim Leong and Amber Mitchell, has a lot of promise and is definitely worth bookmarking. If you’re an aspiring writer or artist, or if you just have an interest in the creative process, check out the site.

Vancouver Comicon
It’s time again for another Vancouver Comicon. The next installment of this minicon will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, March 20, at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street) in Vancouver, BC.

The gathering will feature special guests Howard Chaykin, of American Flagg!, Challengers of the Unknown, Mighty Love, etc., and Pia Guerra, of Y: The Last Man.

Other guests include Ian Boothby and James Lloyd (Simpsons Comics, Futurama Comics), Ken Boesem (Barking Raven Press), Andy Mori (Flopnik), and several others.

There will also be free comics and hourly door prizes along with a handful of dealers. If you’re in the area, the $3 admission is a steal (kids under 14 are free).

The con is a cozy affair and very laid back, which makes for a great opportunity to chat with creators. Of course Chaykin and Guerra are big draws, but I highly encourage checking out Boesem’s work as well.

If you need more info, email organizer Leonard Wong at


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