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Friday, April 29, 2005

Broken Frontier Fundraiser

Just a quick post tonight. I received an email recently about a fundraiser for the site Broken Frontier and wanted to pass the word along. If you enjoy the site, you may consider donating or if you have a relevant business or product, check out their inexpensive ad rates as another way to support the site. Not only are they taking donations, but they are also selling donated original art on ebay. In addition, if you donate via Paypal, you will be entered in a drawing for comics. Check it out below or on their website.

Broken Frontier Fundraiser
After covering the comic book industry for over two and a half years, Broken Frontier still lacks a major sponsor to provide us with some financial backing and to help us cover the costs of running this website. Even our sales of individual banners and buttons have been sparse at best.

Since the site was launched, BF has always enjoyed a steady growth, indicated by our switch to a larger server in January 2004 and our upgrade to a fully database-driven system last November. As our audience continued to expand, so has our focus on daily, useful and intelligent comic book coverage. Our staff keeps on garnering critical acclaim for its solid articles, reflected by the fact that BF quotes continue to grace comic covers and interiors.

In reality though, BF needs to find a way to cover its expenses in order to get by. Without a premier sponsor, the only means to do that is by holding a fundraiser. The goal of this donation drive is to raise a total of $3000, which will helps us get close to a break-even point.

Of the proceeds, Broken Frontier will be donating 20% to UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, in support of children in need around the world. Should total proceeds earned exceed $3000, 50% of the extra amount earned will be donated to the organization, while the other 50% will be saved for future expenses.

If you wish to support BF through our Fundraiser, you can do so by making a Paypal donation or by bidding on one of our art auctions.

Art Auctions
To help BF raise the needed $3000, several artists where kind enough to donate a total of 11 original art pages, which are up for auction on eBay as of today. Three artists were even kind enough to create a piece especially for this fundraiser!

Here's an overview of the artists, the original art they donated and the respective links to the eBay auctions:

Andy Runton -- Owly Pinup
Juan E. Ferreyra -- Small Gods #3 pg. 14, 20
Kazu Kibuishi -- Daisy Kutter #3 pg. 16, 17K
eu Cha -- Rising Stars #1, pg. 17, 18, 19
Luke Ross -- Scion #40 cover
Nicc Balce -- Random Encounter Pinup
Paul Harmon -- Mora Pinup

Paypal Donations
A second option for you to support the Broken Frontier Fundraiser is by making a Paypal donation through the Paypal buttons you find at the bottom of the message boards or below the left navigation menu on each page of the main site.

After the BF Fundraiser has been completed, 10 lucky donators will be randomly selected from the entire list of people who supported the donation drive (winners will be contacted by email). Eight of them will get a copy of The Art Of Greg Horn (Image), while two others will each get two TPB collections compiled from the following books:

Witchblade: Revelations (Top Cow)
Batgirl: Year One (DC)
Xenozoic Tales: The New World (Dark Horse)
Negative Burn: The Best From 1993-1998 (Image)

All donations will be listed in the BF Fundraiser - Donations thread in the Announcements forum. Every donator's name as well as the winning bidders on the art auctions will be added to the list no later than 24 hours after the donation took place. At the same time, the total amount earned listed at the top of the thread will be updated, so everyone knows the status of the BF Fundraiser at all times.

When you've made a donation, please enter your name under "Note" at the Paypal donation page (if applicable). If you do not wish your name to be added to the donations list, please enter "anonymous" instead.

If you have any questions, e-mail BF head honcho Frederik Hautain at or send me a private message through the BF message boards.


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