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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ebay Comic Watch 04/17/05

Here’s the latest installment of Ebay Comic Watch. You can find these particular auctions by pasting the item number in ebay’s search box. Note that the ending times are in PST, so calculate accordingly.

Queen & Country #1-26 & Declassified I #1-3
Bidding was at $3.25 a bit ago, shipping is $6
Item number: 6525184633
Ends Apr-19-05 19:45:00 PDT

AWESOME DEAL ALERT: Berlin #1-11 + graphic novels
Bidding starts at $10, with BIN at $15, shipping is $6.50
Item number: 6526334531
Ends Apr-20-05 11:02:40 PDT

Sin City: Set of Six Graphic Novels
Bidding was at $0.01 a bit ago, shipping is $15
Item number: 6526415443
Ends Apr-20-05 16:34:52 PDT

(The Original Kirby) OMAC #1-8 (full run)
Bidding was at $5 a bit ago, shipping’s $3
Item number: 6525807672
Ends Apr-21-05 19:36:26 PDT

Ballad of Sleeping Beauty #1-8
Bidding starts at $0.99, shipping’s $3.99
Item number: 6526297192
Ends Apr-24-05 08:47:28 PDT


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