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Monday, April 25, 2005

May Preview Highlights: Kerry's Picks

Pick of the Month:

Serenity #1 (of 3)

Dark Horse; page 22; $2.99; 32 pgs.

I missed the original TV run of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, but have since rented and have become addicted to the show. I wait with eager anticipation for Septembers Serenity movie. This comic, written by Joss Whedon and about the Serenity crew, shows promise and I hope it can live up to the show.

Other Cool Books:

Emily The Strange #1: The Boring Issue
Dark Horse: page 32; $7.95; 48 pgs.

Emily the Strange has adorned t-shirts, note cards, and stickers for years. Now she finally comes to her own comic book. The book has a one page preview in Previews and it is beautifully drawn. The script looks funny as well. I’m not sold on the price yet though. Dark Horse might be using Emily’s fame to bring in a few extra books. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just that I’d like to see if the book lives up to the hype before laying down $8 for 48 pages.

The Dead Boy Detectives Digest

Vertigo; page 113; $9.99; 144 pgs.

Like Death: At Death’s Door before it, Dead Boy Detectives are straight from the pages of the Sandman: Season of Mists. This Manga volume written and drawn by Jill Thompson looks to capture both the Sandman and Manga styles. In this book dead boys Charles and Edwin flee Britain and arrive in the US to try to solve a missing person’s case. The plot is intriguing and the 3-page preview enticing.

Bumperboy Loses His Marbles GN
Adhouse Books; page 212; $7.95; 96 pgs.

The adorable cover pulled me in to this book’s description. The story sounds just as cute as the art looks. Bumperboy has lost all his marbles and must find them before the upcoming marble tournament.

Dead Eyes Open #1
Slave Labor Graphics; page 236; $2.95; 24 pgs.

This regular guy Zombie yarn from SLG sounds pretty good. Therapist John Requin has died. Death doesn’t stop him from working though. He goes back to his practice as a member of the undead. He has to learn to deal with his own death in addition to other people’s problems. Throw in a government conspiracy and you’ve got yourself an exciting new story.

Ninja High School Pocket Manga 5-pack Special
Antarctic Press; page 243; $30.00; 5 digest size volumes

Holy Crap! This is quite a deal. If you’ve missed Ninja High School so far, you can catch up very quickly and cheaply with this set. To celebrate the release of volume 6 in the series, Antarctic offers the first five volumes for the price of three. Now would be the best time to jump on board.

Grenuord #1
Fantagraphics Books; page 291; $4.95; 32 pgs.

I always examine Fantagraphics section of Previews closely. This month the first of the six-part story Grenuord looks the most interesting. The cover art looks surreal, but the story sounds normal enough at first. George Henderson leaves his job, girl-friend, and town to start life anew. What he finds in his new home is the most surprising.

Banana Sunday #1 (of 4)
Oni Press; page 322; $2.99; 24 pgs.

What can I say? It’s about monkeys. I love it already.


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