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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

May Previews Highlights: Erin's Picks

I love Previews, but I gotta say between all the Infinite Crisis drama and the House of M hype, I just didn’t find as much interesting this month. I do enjoy “superhero” comics, and normally my reaction to crossover-type action isn’t to be automatically horrified. This time, however, there seems to be so much crossover action involving continuity I’m clueless about that my eyes glaze over and frankly turns me off of most of the big two’s main offerings. I’ve been reading comics off and on for more than 15 years, but I’m lost when it comes to many of the storylines going on right now. So much for accessibility.

Pick of the Month:
Monkey in a Wagon Vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel #1

Check out the website.
Alias – pg. 235; $2.99; 32 pgs. FC
By Ken Lillie-Paetz & Chris Moreno
You’re probably reading this title and saying something like “who on a what? vs. whaaaa???” Yeah, well, it’s definitely some silly stuff … delightfully silly in fact. A five-page MIAW vs. LOABW story was one of the many comics in the “Even More Fund Comics” TP last year, and in my opinion was one of the very funniest. In fact I instantly wanted more. It’s got some Street Angel sensibility but a little more on the all-ages side of things. And now it’s a full-color comic – nice!

Featured Comics:

Grounded #1 (of 6)
Image – pg. 140; $2.95; 32 pgs. FC
Writer: Mark Sable; Artist: Paul Azaceta
This comic reverses the common kid-discovers-he-has-superpowers storyline. This time the main character is sent to a special school for kids with powers, but discovers he’s the only one without them. The preview pages looked very promising, so I’ll be giving this a try.

I Never Liked You
Drawn & Quarterly – pg. 287; $15.95
By Chester Brown
The solicit describes Chester Brown’s newest offering as “a harrowing memoir about the struggle to connect told with spare, poetic elegance. A self-absorbed teenager strays into the difficult territory of early love, while at home there is a slowly building crisis over his mother’s mental health.”

Rica ’tte Kanji!? GN
ALC Publishing – pg. 226; $15; 96 pgs.
By Rica Takashima
Don’t know why I haven’t noticed this publisher before. Not only do they have this book about college student Rica and her search for friendship and love in Tokyo’s gay district (story described as “sweet and funny, realistic and a little wacky”), but they also have a compilation titled “Yuri Monogatari” featuring seven stories from creators around the world and in a range of styles about different aspects of lesbian relationships.

Quick Picks:

An “all-new saga of Batman and Robin” is peddled by DC, which they warn “DO NOT MISS THIS ISSUE!” Alright, already, I’ll buy your stinkin’ book that “reinvents” these “classic characters.” But seriously, All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder is written by Frank Miller so that’s good enough for me (pg. 62; $2.99; 32 pgs.).

If you’ve enjoyed Andy Diggle’s work on Adam Strange or The Losers, you might want to check out Silent Dragon #1 (of 6), a futuristic Japanese gangster comic, from Wildstorm (pg. 104; $2.99; 32 pgs.).

The cover art for all-ages Bumberboy Loses His Marbles by Debbie Huey looks extremely cute. This seems like a good book to pick up for the young comic fan of the house (Adhouse Books; pg. 212; $7.95; 96 pgs.).

AiT/Planet Lar’s newest GN looks to be an action-packed treat. Zack Sherman and Roberto de la Torre are the talent on Seal Team Seven involving the CIA, a SEAL team, and “a string of mystifying terrorist attacks” (pg. 226; $12.95; 128 pgs.).

Mark Newgarden, the cartoonist behind the “Garbage Pail Kids,” has his syndicated comics and other anthology work collected into this new hardcover book -- We All Die Alone (Fantagraphics; pg. 292; $28.95; 224 pgs.).

Trade Treatment

The Incredibles TPB
Dark Horse – page 29; $12.95; 96 pgs.

Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith TPB
Dark Horse – page 45; $12.95; 96 pgs.

Nightwing: Year One TP
DC – page 69; $14.99; 144 pgs.

Kinetic TP
DC – page 85; $9.99; 192 pgs.

100 Bullets Vol. 8: The Hard Way TP
Vertigo – page 112; $14.99; 224 pgs.

Y: The Last Man Vol. 5—Ring of Truth TP
Vertigo – page 120; $14.95; 144 pgs.

Bad Ideas: Collected TP (Wayne Chinsang, Jim Mahfood, & Dave Crosland)
Image – page 150; $12.95; 128 pgs.

Sea of Red, Vol. 1: No Grave But the Sea TP
Image – page 162; $8.95; 104 pgs.

Lions, Tigers, & Bears TP
Alias – page 235; $9.99; 112 pgs.

New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout
Marvel – page 78; $19.99; 160 pgs.

New Captain America Vol. 1: Out of Time
Marvel – page 77; $21.99; 176 pgs.

The Pulse Vol. 2: Secret War TPB
Marvel – page 80; $11.99; 128 pgs.


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