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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Single-Panel Reviews 04/12/05

Star Wars: General Grievous #1 (of 4)
Dark Horse Comics $2 .99
Writer: Chuck Dixon; Penciller: Rick Leonardi; Inker: Mark Pennington; Colorist: Lucas Marangon
It’s been quite awhile since I’ve read any Star Wars comics, so I thought I’d give this one a go. Overall, I was pleased. Other than a bloated, creepy Yodi, the art was well done—between the colors and inks, it felt like a mix of the “Clone Wars” cartoon look and a more realistic character treatment. It complemented the story very well, and speaking of the story, this was stronger than I thought it might be. It follows the Jedi as they come up against a new force—General Grevious, a machine creature who leaves a wake of dead Jedi in his path. The story centers around Padawan Flynn Kybo who proposes to the Jedi council an assassination of General Grevious. This is a good setup and solid writing—worth a look for sure (especially if you need a pre-Episode III fix).
Bottom line: B

The Expatriate #1
Image $2.95
Writer: B. Clay Moore; Artist: Jason Latour
Moore raises many more questions than reveals answers in this first issue of a promising ongoing of intrigue and mystery. Jack Dexter, although he seems to be escaping from something, doesn’t seem particularly “on the run” at the beginning of the issue. Nonetheless, he’s got two CIA agents hunting him down in what seems to be a Caribbean country—doing-his-job Murphy and hard-ass Conrad. By the end of this issue not only is the U.S. government looking for Murphy, so is local politico Eduardo Lobo, since Dexter has managed to get “involved” with Lobo’s wife, Maria. Moore writes in an afterword that this is “a story that will head into uncharted waters at the drop of a hat. We don’t think you’ll see where we’re headed, and if you do, we doubt you’ll see where we’re headed after that.” Sounds like a ride for which I’m willing to buy a ticket.
Bottom line: B+

Temporary #2
Origin Comics $2.95
Writer: Damon Hurd; Artist: Rick Smith
Envy Saint-Claire takes her next temp job, this time with the police department cataloging evidence. Detective Jimmy works at the 31st Precint and happens to be a very good and edgy interrogator mainly because he’s got five different personalities, though these personalities look to be struggling to determine who’s in charge. Envy and Jimmy’s paths cross (not to Envy’s advantage) at the end of this two-parter. Although the art is a little too Rocky & Bullwinkle meets Beavis and Butthead, I’m intrigued by Jimmy’s character and curious to see where this storyline will go, as well as to see Envy’s imaginary friend play into the storyline in a more prominent way.
Bottom line: B

Jane’s World #18
Girl Twirl Comics $5.95
By Paige Braddock
Another fun issue of Jane’s World – probably the best of the issues I’ve read, actually. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments—mostly related to Jane and Ethan’s new digs and a new character we’re introduced to—Skye. Jane meets her at a restaurant she’s never been to before, Garden of Vegan, where Skye is a waitress, and this seems to be the start of a new relationship for Jane. In other news, Chelle and Jill butt heads over Jill letting Chelle’s mom know where she is, which is a big no-no. Jane and Dorothy also awkwardly try to avoid each other. Plus there are big changes in store for the newspaper Jane works at, and we get some more back story on Jane and Chelle’s past relationship. Whew, there’s a lot going on this issue, and it’s an all-around kick-in-the pants.
Bottom line: A-


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