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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ebay Comic Watch 05/01/05

Here’s the latest installment of Ebay Comic Watch. You can find these particular auctions by pasting the item number in ebay’s search box. Note that the ending times are in PST, so calculate accordingly.

So, for the hell of it, I’ve decided to go with a theme this week. I present to you ebay comic auctions that are from, inspired by, or involve in any way TV shows. Enjoy.

Xena Comics Issues 1-12
Bidding was at GBP 4.99 a bit ago, shipping varies
Item number: 6527413633
Ends May-02-05 04:09:53 PDT

Rare “The Brady Bunch” Comic #1
Bidding was at $20.51 a bit ago, shipping is $3.50
Item number: 6526669501
Ends May-02-05 19:45:00 PDT

Five Various “Dark Shadows” Gold Key Comics
Bidding starts at $29.95, with BIN at $34.95, shipping is free
Item number: 6528528753
Ends May-04-05 09:54:00 PDT

Two Comics Featured in the TV Show “Lost”: Flash/Green Lantern Limited Series
Bidding was at $0.99 a bit ago, shipping is $5
Item number: 6528710388
Ends May-05-05 06:52:32 PDT

A-Team Issues #1-3 Still in Original Wrapper
Bidding starts at $0.99, shipping is $3.25
Item number: 6529263128
Ends May-07-05 18:58:08 PDT

Lot of Five “Mr. Ed” Comics (I know, who knew they existed?)
Bidding starts at $4.99, shipping is $3.85
Item number: 6529443477
Ends May-08-05 13:55:01 PDT

“Saved by the Bell” Comic #1
BIN $1, starts at $2.50
Item number: 6529277479
Ebay store, no end date


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