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Monday, May 16, 2005

Ebay Comic Watch 5/16/05

Erin is on vacation, so you get to enjoy a "comic books that Kerry wants" theme this week. Remeber, you can find these particular auctions by pasting the item number in ebay’s search box. Note that the ending times are in PST, so calculate accordingly. Have fun.

Four 100 Bullets TPBs
Buy it now for $36.99
Item number: 6531932958
Ends: May-22-05 08:43:12 PDT

Spider-Man 2099 full run
Bidding currently at $12.50
Item number: 6531155216
Ends: May-18-05 19:15:02 PDT

Martian Manhunter full run
Bidding currently at $8
Item number: 6532560451
Ends: May-21-05 13:55:12 PDT

Star Wars Republic full run
Bidding currently at $3.25
Item number: 6532759932
Ends: May-22-05 21:00:00 PDT

Spider-Man's Tangeled Web full run
Starting bid is $20
Item number: 6531356540
Ends today!


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