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Monday, May 23, 2005

Ebay Comic Watch 5/23/05

Here is another edition of the ebay Comic Watch. This week I'll highlight comics about people or things in the news. Remember, you can find these particular auctions by pasting the item number in ebay’s search box. Note that the ending times are in PST, so calculate accordingly. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson Captain EO comic
Bidding at 99 cents, but shipping is a staggering $6.50
Item Number: 6534516228
Auction Ends: May-29-05 09:14:44 PDT
The 3D glasses are included with the book and have never been removed from the binding.

Giant Star Wars collection
Bidding starts at $75, no bids yet.
Item Number: 5977429238
Auction Ends: May-29-05 21:20:24 PDT
This auction is immense. The list of comics that are included is lengthy and includes a good portion of all Dark Horse Star Wars books.

Star Wars #1-6 (Marvel)
Bidding starts at $5
Item Number: 6534681407
Auction Ends: May-29-05 20:09:57 PDT
Nostalgic for the original? This is the best place to start.

The Life of Pope John Paul II
Bidding currently at $2.34, shipping is an out of this world $10
Item Number: 6533370596
Auction Ends: May-24-05 14:44:32 PDT
This book is from Marvel (!) and chronicles the Pope's life from his childhood to the assassination attempt.


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