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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Filler Review

AiT/Planet Lar; $12.95
Writer: Rick Spears; Artist: Rob G.

John Dough is used to being life’s filler. He doesn’t matter to anyone or himself. He gives blood and stands in police lineups to get by. But Dough’s just like anyone else, he’ll take some company when he can get it. Even though he knows better, Dough gets involved with Debra Cross, a hooker on the outs with her pimp. When Dough ends up in over his head, he gets “help” from another of his fellow lineup fillers, one R. Pike, who also happens to be a writer.

Dough’s life is black and white until it gets bloody – actually most literally. The art is done in black and white with red as an accent color. With this color treatment and the realistic artistry of the characters, Rob G.’s work emphasizes the fact that this is a literal book.

In fact, it may be a little too literal for some readers. It’s understandable to want something a little more substantive than a quick punchline-type wrap-up. Spears, however, stays true to what he sets up in this black and white world.

The kick may be at the end, but really the clues are there pretty plainly throughout the book. In fact at one point, Dough even says, “Things have gotten a little out of control. I’m stuck as the main character in someone else’s story.”

John Dough. Debra Cross. R. Pike. Or is that John Doe, Double Crossed, with a Right Turn?

Bottom Line: B+


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