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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Single-Panel Reviews 5/4/05

Spellbinders #1
Written by Mike Carey; Penciled by Mike Perkins; Inked by Drew Hennessy
Marvel $2.99

This six-part series about a group of high-school witches is Marvel’s newest mini-series aimed at teenagers. Newcomer Kim is being scouted by both the witches’ clique and the anti-witches’ clique. She has just arrived at the school and weird things immediately start to happen. This story could end up being very good. It’s a book about high school, but is very unlike my other favorite Marvel goes to high-school comics Mary Jane and Spider-Girl. The school, the kids, and the problems are a lot darker and a lot less like your run-of-the-mill high-school students. It’s nice to see a Marvel book where the outcasts aren’t muties for once. This book shows promise.

Bottom Line: B-

Toxin #1
Written by Peter Milligan; Penciled by Darick Robertson; Inked by Rodney Ramos
Marvel $2.99

Although I don’t read New Avengers, I decided to pick up this tie-in because it indirectly relates to my favorite of all Spider-Man villains. You see, Venom begat Carnage and Carnage entered Cletus Kasady and used him to give birth to another symbiote, Toxin. Toxin, the symbiote grandson of Venom has entered Paul Mulligan and their relationship and this six-part series begins. The two are actually having a decent time coexisting. Sure, they argue, but it could be a heck of a lot worse. Paul and Toxin start out helping out the city by bringing down bad guy King Cobra. Spider-Man then asks for him to help out with a new armless psycho. Milligan injected a lot of humor into this script and if it continues into the rest of the series, it is sure to be worth buying. Between the great dialogue between Paul and Toxin and Robertson’s amazing portrayals of the symbiotic Toxin, I’m looking forward to next month’s issue.

Bottom Line: B+

The Goon #11
By Eric Powell
Dark Horse $2.99

Usually I love the art in the Goon, but am tepid towards the story. This issue though, where the Goon and Francis go to an alternate reality to help save Dr. Alloy, is fantastic. Powell outdoes himself on the script. Francis’ lines are especially inspired. Powell’s drawing is always fantastic. This issue has a very cool style as well. Many of the scenes in the alternate reality have a colorful background with bright hues while the Goon and Francis remain in black and white. Besides their outline, they don’t even appear to be inked. Their body and clothes are the texture of graphite. The look is very intriguing. I wish more issues of the Goon were like this.

Bottom Line: A


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