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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Link-O-Rama Sunday

Tootsie Roll Theatre
The Museum of Comic Book Advertising has a great exhibit up: Tootsie Roll Theatre. Featured there are five “Captain Tootsie” comic strips, most written by C.C. Beck, the artist of Captain Marvel in the 1940s. The strips are: “Captain Tootsie and the Giant Cannon,” “Captain Tootsie Battles the Monster Man,” “Captain Tootsie and the Secret Weapon,” “Captain Tootsie and the Bumbershoot Jump,” and “Captain Tootsie and the Haunted House.”

These are all a lot of fun to read, and I’ve decided to try and single-handedly bring back the exclamation “Hootin’s Zoots!”. I also love the idea of Tootsie Roll-flavored milk as a health drink. As suspect as the idea is, though, the tagline is probably pretty accurate: “Grow up to be a big, tall, husky guy like me!”

If you get some time to surf around the museum, I highly recommend doing so, there are other fun exhibits worth checking out, such as the “Novel Ideas: 50 Years of Comic Book Novelties” exhibit.

Kochalkaholics Take Note
For all you James Kochalka fans out there, a new blog has been created to follow his cartooning and music careers: Kochalkaholic.

New Skip Williamson Site
Another new site features the art and life of Skip Williamson. It’s billed as following his "rowdy days of the Underground Comix movement, through his years at Playboy magazine to art galleries and comix pages worldwide. Film-clips, animation, comix, and autobiographical nihilistic rant lushly illustrated."

Kleid and Seraphic Press to Publish Migdal David
Neil Kleid teams up with Seraphic Press to publish Migdal David, due out in 2007. The sample pages are very impressive, and I’m already looking forward to its release.

The GN is a memoir about two boys growing up in an orthodox jewish community — one living with an uncommon disability, struggling to find his place in community and religion; the other given all the advantages in life, frustrated and seeking ways out of both.

This is an autobiographical work for Kleid, and he says of the personal work, “This book is the hardest thing I'm ever going to write.”

New Talent to Check Out
Another promising upcoming GN is called “The Road to God Knows” and focuses on a young girl’s struggle to come to grips with her mother’s schizophrenia. The book is due out next year by Eric “Von Allan” Julien, and is so far a visual treat. The first 18 pages are up for viewing on his website. Check out the great use of the page – the watercolor washes and creative use of panels are what strike me in these sample pages.

Calling All Nerds: SPX Nears
News is already coming from Maryland, as Bethesda hosts the Small Press Expo (SPX) this upcoming weekend. Harvey Pekar is the special guest this year, but he’s certainly not the only attraction. There will be more than 300 artists and publishers at SPX with their wares this year. A bargain at $15 for a two-day pass, even better is the fact that all profits go to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which works to protect the First Amendment rights of comic book readers and professionals.

A highlight of SPX will surely be the presentation of the ninth annual Ignatz Awards, voted on by the SPX attendees. Though SPX sent out a press release with all the nominess, for some reason, this is not up at the Ignatz page yet. Stay tuned, though, I'm sure it will be up soon. One I’m watching is the outstanding artist category. As much as I loved Jeffrey Brown’s “Bighead,” David B.’s “Epileptic” is simply artistically amazing. Joshua W. Cotter is up for both Promising New Talent and Outstanding Series with his work on “Skyscrapers of the Midwest,” the first two issues of which have made my jaw drop.


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