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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Emerald City Comicon 2006 Review

Sorry for my absence, folks, I’ve been working on another side project that’s taken up most of my free time. So, anyway, I can’t believe it’s been well over a week since the Emerald City Comicon. I was only able to attend the first day, but I had a great time, and am happy to report it was a very good show. The following are my top five highlights, but for a more comprehensive look at the con, I highly recommend Laura Gjovaag’s look at the con over at the Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog. Here’s the link to the last installment (you can get to the rest from the right-hand column).

Top Five Con Highlights:

1. Sketch by Pia Guerra
Every creator that I spoke with or met at the con was nothing but kind, but Pia Guerra was especially great. Down to earth and very nice, it was a joy to meet her. She signed issue 19 of Y: The Last Man for me – the one with the cast skipping down the Yellow Brick Road ala the Wizard of Oz. (I try to get autographs on comics with covers I particularly like, since my master plan is to buy a large frame and custom make a piece of matting that will showcase multiple issues … uh one of these days.) But the best part was the great sketch I got. Guerra asked if I had any special requests, and as much as I love monkeys, I restrained from asking for a sketch of Ampersand, and instead requested a sketch of Allison Mann (I love the great lines Guerra draws Mann with). Guerra was happy to get a request that wasn’t typical (sounds like me, doesn’t it?), and I was extremely happy to get a great sketch of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite artists.

2. Chatting with Steve Lieber and Sara Ryan
I was hard pressed to find friendlier guests than Steve Lieber and Sara Ryan. The husband and wife creators were a great first stop for me, as I’d been driving for nearly two hours and was in a daze for about the first hour I was at the con. I just kept walking around without a real plan. I mean, I knew who I wanted to see and what I wanted to check out in general terms, but no Risk-style plan of world-dominating action. So, I saw familiar faces and stopped off at the corner that was home base for a number of great creators including Lieber and Ryan. Both were incredibly nice, and we chatted it up for a bit. Great people and great comics. Make sure to check out their latest mini-comic endeavor together: Flytrap.

3. Meeting Bill Willingham
First off, I felt like kind of a dork having Bill Willingham sign my TPB of the Fables Book 1, but what can I say, I came to the series late, so trades are what I picked up. But he was very cool about it, signed the copy, and we talked a little bit about this and that. Very cool guy – very cool to get a chance to meet him.

4. Discovering Brandon Hanvey’s work
Finding new comics and artists I’ve never heard of or read anything by is an especially enjoyable part of the con experience. This time around I stumbled upon Brandon Hanvey. His thick-lined, cartoon-like artwork caught my eye from the bustling aisle, so I stopped in my tracks and took a closer look. Hanvey has three self-published books out—The Stereos: Battle of the Bands, The Stereos: In the Garage, and Entanglement. I went ahead and bought Entanglement, since it was his newest release (just last month). It’s a really sweet book, and his art is very endearing. I really enjoyed the book, and I’ll definitely be ordering the other two off his online store. (Follow the link and check out the Geek Pride shirts – those are sweet).

5. Mini-Comics!!!
Going around Artist’s Alley and different exhibitor booths, and buying a nice thick stack of mini-comics by the end of the day was one of my main goals for the con, and let me tell you that goal was filed under Mission Accomplished in a hurry. There were oodles and oodles of mini-comics at the con, from tiny photocopied first-time mini-comic efforts to hand-sown beauties. I bought a bunch of great mini-comics, of course there are some misses too, but you just never know what gold nuggets you’ll dig up, and that’s the joy of the hunt. In the next few weeks I’ll weave in reviews of comics of all varieties I picked up at the con.

Well, those are the highest of the highlights—not even close to all I took in. It was a great day at the con, and many good memories were created. I’m already looking forward to 2007, in fact.


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