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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Owly: Flying Lessons Review

Owly: Flying Lessons Review
Top Shelf; $10; 143 pgs.; B&W
By Andy Runton

Adorable, sweet, cute, insecure, worrywart—all these words describe Owly, the main character in the all-ages graphic novels of the same name.

My partner read this one too, and reports that it is “particularly sweet.” I heartily agree.

In this, the third, Owly adventure, Owly and his worm friend discover a new animal in their neck of the woods. With a little help, they identify it as a flying squirrel—who is totally adorable, by the way.

Now Owly would like to make friends, but unfortunately, owls are natural predators of flying squirrels, so the squirrel is understandably afraid to make friends. Little does he know that Owly is unlike most owls, friend of all creatures and not a big flyer either.

Without giving all of the plot away, suffice it to say that both Owly and the flying squirrel learn that trust and friendship can pay dividends.

If you haven’t read an Owly book before, especially if you have kids in your life, check this one out, it’s enjoyable, light, and, yes, particularly sweet.

Bottom Line: A


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