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Monday, June 26, 2006

Single-Panel Reviews: Point Pleasant, Harry, Tag, Crow Princess

Point Pleasant: Eyes of the Beholder
Twisted Gate Entertainment $4.95
Writer: Chad Lambert; Artist: Edward Pun
Though this is the second Point Pleasant comic, it’s not at all a requirement to have read the first issue. The physical setting is the same—Point Pleasant, West Virgina—and the Mothman legend is integral to the mysterious happenings in the small town. Otherwise, this is a completely different comic. Mike Gillum seems to be solidly off his rocker, having seen the Mothman himself; he’s then haunted by nightmares and visions. At the same time, a series of murders have been occurring around town. Are the two connected – or maybe not in the way that you think? It’s a good mystery, with a twist, and nicely illustrated, as well. For a treat, check it out.
Bottom Line: B+

Apak Studio
By Ayumi Piland
Harry is a little boy who is so hairy he looks like a little sasquatch. The other kids shun him, so he runs away until he finds a friendly bald mountain and they soon become fast friends. The two learn that with good friends and persistence, anything can happen. This is such a sweet little book, kids and adults would both enjoy this story. The illustration is excellent: the confident inks perfectly exemplify the sweet innocence of the characters. This mini-comic is one I picked up at the Emerald City Comicon in April, and though I couldn’t find it on the Apak Studio website, I’m sure an email could score you a copy. It’ll be worth the effort, believe me.
Bottom Line: A+

Tag #1
Boom! Studios $3.99
Writer: Keith Giffen; Artist: Kody Chamberlain
This comic surprised me—I thought I’d be reading another gross-out zombie story, but instead Giffen and Chamberlain deliver a comic with real character and an excellent first issue of a three-part mini-series. The story is about Mitch, who after an almost breakup date is approached by a creepy stranger and “tagged.” Immediately, Mitch feels the effects and after a hospital visit, his diagnosis is clear. Mitch isn’t just “it,” he’s now a zombie. The creepy part is thinking about how gruesome and freaky it would be to experience rigor mortis while you’re still alive. Yowza!
Bottom Line: B+

Crow Princess GN
Manga Punk $5.95
By Rachel Nabors
Crow Princess is a manga-style fairytale about Cora, a girl whose mother never believed was hers and, therefore, will have nothing to do with her daughter. Though Cora is smart, talented, and kind (especially to animals), other kids snub her. Her family and friends aren’t the people in her life, instead, they’re the crows she’s met and cares for. Turns out she has more of a connection to the crows than she first thinks. A fairytale switched-at-birth story, Cora finally finds her place in the world through a little magic. Though not completely down my alley, this is a good fairytale. Because it deals with issues of alienation and isolation, I think this would be an especially good book for readers in their tweens.
Bottom Line: B


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