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Monday, June 05, 2006

Single-Panel Reviews: Talent, Cry Yourself to Sleep, 52, Jeremiah Harm

Talent #1
Boom! Studios $3.99
Writers: Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski; Artist: Paul Azaceta; Colorist: Ron Riley
Mix one part creepy to five parts intriguing and add a little twilight-zoney zest, and you’ve got the recipe for a great new comic. This first issue of Talent is a nice setup issue—you get the gist of the plot—plane goes down and all on board die except for one man who lives in a beyond-a-miracle way. You’re introduced to the main character—Nicholas Dane—who somehow knows things about people, call it premonitions, call it supernatural, whatever the mystery is, it’s a compelling one. I’m on board for this new series, and very curious to see where it will lead.
Bottom Line: A-

Cry Yourself to Sleep
Top Shelf $7
By Jeremy Tinder
This book is sweet, sad, funny … and not a bit pretentious. Some comics that aim to show the self-doubt we all experience can end up feeling forced or overly sentimental, but Tinder just tells the modern human struggle simply, and very effectively. The main characters are Andrew an aspiring human writer, an anthropomorphic bunny named Jim, and anthropomorphic Robot. Each are struggling with their humanity, their place in the world, and loneliness. Though the book is sweetly sad, it also has several humorous moments, and ultimately it’s a story of promise and comfort.
Bottom Line: A-

52 Weeks 1-4
DC $2.50 each
By A Whole Bunch of Folks
You know, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by 52 so far. I thought I’d try out the first couple weeks for look-sees, but I didn’t expect to actually enjoy the books. I certainly didn’t think I’d be looking forward to the next week. There’s no simple way to sum up things so far—really I don’t even know that much, having opted to skip out on Identity Crisis—my God I’m turning 30 this month, I don’t need to subject myself to optional crises! But, gun to my head, I’d explain it this way: the biggest heroes are gone, now the B players are stepping up both in the fictional story and as main characters of these books. The main four so far focused on in 52 are Booster Gold, The Question, Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man), Renee Montoya, and Black Adam. Of all the characters, I’m most familiar with Montoya, which is probably not the case with most readers, but I don’t read lots of superhero books. It’s not that I’m snooty, I just don’t have oodles of money, years and years of history with the comics, or the patience to keep up with things on the interweb. Two things that are the most refreshing or enjoyable about 52 so far: interesting lesser-known characters and the weekly format. It’s fun to see the DC story from the B players, it adds a new dimension and flavor to the perspective. And even though it’s an extra $10 a month, it’s nice to not have to dig up last month’s comic to remember what happened—I actually have a long enough memory to last a week (I know, I’m as surprised as you are). Anyway, I’ve blathered on longer than I intended, but bottom line is that DC’s unexpectedly got me for now.
Bottom Line: So far, so good – B

Jeremiah Harm #3
Boom! Studios $3.99
I’m starting to lose a little bit of interest with this comic. It’s a good sci-fi adventure, but the character that I thought was the most interesting—Jeremiah Harm—is actually more of a side note so far. We’re seeing the villains do their thing, but really we don’t know any more about Harm than we did at issue 1. This comic still has a lot of promise, it’s worth reading for sure, but I’m hoping the focus changes a little in upcoming issues.
Bottom Line: B


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