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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

The time has come, my friends, to lay down my queenly crown and turn my attention to other endeavors. I had a great time and enjoyed running this site immensely, however, The Comic Queen blog is now officially retired.

But don’t be sad! At least, don’t be sad for me. I’m debuting a brand spanking new business: Fourth Wall Editing. This freelance editing service is aimed especially at small comics publishers and independent creators. Therefore, I’ve got to cut back on some of my other activities, and the blog is one of the casualties (actually it has been for awhile).

I’m sure I’ll “run into” most of you anyway. I’ll be reading your blogs, picking up your comics, and perhaps even seeing you at the occasional convention.

Thank you to the publishers and creators who sent me review copies over the last two years. And thank you so much to all my readers. It’s been great fun!


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